How long does ITIL four strategist direct plan and improve certification lasts?

As the most widely used framework for ITSM, ITIL empowers enterprises to design and implement IT services that are constantly improving. The ITIL 4 foundation certification is the first step toward becoming an ideal practitioner. There are two certification paths available to professionals who have completed ITIL 4 fundamental certification, and they are:

  • ITIL managing professional
  • ITIL service strategist

Both the ITIL service strategist and the ITIL management professional certification tracks require the DPI module to be completed; after completing the DPI certification, a professional is half-way through both certification tracks. Regardless of whether you take ITIL DPI certification training online or in person, you will receive 18 PDUs at the end of the course.

In-depth evaluation

Simply passing the ITIL 4 Foundation exam and attending a training course recognised by AXELOS is all that is required to be eligible for this certification.

The LDP test is a closed-book examination with 40 multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Examinees must score at least 70 percent in order to pass this certification test. A 90-minute time limit will be granted to all candidates. Non-English-speaking professionals, on the other hand, are given 113 minutes to finish the exam.

There are several advantages to taking the certification course.

In order to prepare candidates for ITIL strategic leadership and professional stream rules management, this certification is offered. Sprintzeal A professional in one of these positions is heavily involved in the planning, direction, and improvement of the organisation.

This certification enhances career chances for experts and aids companies in building their business in a universal module that selects evaluation techniques by creating policies and continually improving.

This leads to long-term company plans that are focused on learning and improvement. A business’s strategic planning also includes analysing, evaluating, and enhancing the company’s offerings. Using DPI ideas, the newest industry standards are compared to see if the business process is compatible. It’s all about using lean and agile methods to their fullest potential.

The date of expiration

A DPI certification has no expiration date as long as you keep up with the PDUs, or professional development units, that are required. PDU requirements can be met in a variety of ways. AXELOS recommends a number of options to acquire professional development units:

  • Studying
  • Informal discussions
  • Self-eLearning
  • Organizational meetings
  • Training courses
  • Creating content
  • Working as a practitioner in project management
  • Giving presentations
  • Coaching other juniors
  • Volunteering

As a candidate, you must realise that merely having an ITIL certification isn’t enough; you must keep your certification up to current and relevant at all times. This also provides you a leg up on the competitors who have just entered the race. Because of this, candidates for professional development units should be informed of the newest developments in their field. This is critical for lifelong growth and development.

The DPI certification does not expire; however, persons must pass the certification test every five years to maintain their certification.

You can register professional development units at an early stage by reading books, white papers, or other items available in the AXELOS community and library. We’ve started bringing in industry leaders for podcasts and webinars because the community expects us to do so. You may participate in it by paying a little charge, which could prove to be beneficial in the future.

If you have 10 years of ITIL expertise, you may write white papers and build learning tools that are useful for new ITIL professionals. You may help out the AXELOS by volunteering a little amount of your time to the ITIL certification and other AXELOS certifications.


Assume you’re in a quandary about whether or not to pursue this certification. As a matter of fact, there are more than two million qualified professionals operating throughout the world with this credential. Service management and the customer experience may be improved by taking a service management certification course in ITIL 4. ITIL 4 best practises and how to effectively implement them may be learned through a complete course.

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