What Are The Types Of Swimming Goggles?

Below, you will be able to check the technical differences between the existing types of swimming goggles, and you will learn a little more about each feature and functionality:

What Are The Characteristics Of Swimming Goggles For Leisure Or Beginners?

The models of swimming goggles for beginners can be found for a more affordable price, as they do not have UV protection or anti-fog film. Generally, the suction cup is not silicone. Instead, another material is used in its composition, such as rubber (latex) or EVA, which are less resistant to chlorine and do not provide the correct seal.

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Other details of the models for beginners are the simple strap and the adjustable nosebands. This type is suitable for those looking for a low price, so it is nice to compare the features and brands to indicate the best swim goggles for starting.

What Are The Training Goggles Like?

Lenses with UV protection, anti-fog film, and silicone suction cup. These are some of the features available in these training swimming goggles, which already offer greater comfort, sealing, and durability. Many swimming goggles available on the market are geared towards the training category, and that is why there are several types of suction cup shapes, lens colors, strap shapes, loops, and nosebands.

This option is ideal for those looking for comfort, durability, and usability and prepares you to choose the first swimming goggles to compete.

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What Are Swimming Goggles For Competitions?

All the features mentioned in the training option are part of the composition of this material. However, the difference of this type for the training ones is the small size suction cup. It needs to be minimal so that the thickness of the swimming goggles is small, thus providing less “drag” with the water, making the competitor faster.

Another interesting detail that this equipment for professional swimming offers is safety at high speeds. As it has less “drag,” there is more fixation of the goggles on the face, making it impossible for them to fall during the dive.

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This model is suitable for professional swimming goggles for competitions, which provide more speed and safety.

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