Things I Have to Do Before My Wedding!

Get A Final, Precise Headcount

You can make as many plans as you’d like, but sometimes, things just don’t go as expected. I’m the kind of girl to set plans weeks, if not months in advance, but even so, the chaos of life can get in the way. I’m not alone in this—some of my friends and family members, by way of example, might want to attend my wedding, but won’t be able to for their own particular reasons, so I need to do a final headcount! Emailing and calling dozens of people certainly won’t be fun, but it’s something that needs to be done if I want my special day to be absolutely perfect.

Start A Skincare Routine

It’s every soon-to-be bride’s worst nightmare to break out on her wedding day.

Although I want to look as vibrant as possible on the most important day of my life, I’ve struggled with skin issues since my teen years, so it’s about time that I settled on a healthy routine—exfoliating every morning, maybe, or cleansing and moisturizing before bed.

Still, it’s overwhelming to choose from so many skincare products. Apparently, too, some can harm the skin, so I’ll have to be especially attentive and vet the ingredients before I buy.

Give The DJ The Final Playlist

I’ve already picked a list of songs that bring back wonderful memories with my fiancé. A lot of these tracks harken back to our very first dates, which were some of the most magical I’ve ever experienced. Music has such a powerful nostalgic effect, and we’ll listen to our wedding tracks for years to come, so it’s important that we hire a great DJ to mix everything well!

New Bride, New Nose!

One thing that has bothered me for much of my life is my nose, which is a little too long and bulbous. It’s no welcome fact, then, that there will be thousands of photos of the wedding. The last thing I want to do is look back and see me in all of my crooked-nosed glory, which is why, before the wedding, I’m going to get the rhinoplasty of my dreams!

If my nose isn’t ideal on my wedding day, I don’t know how I’ll be able to deal with the anxiety. I want to be the perfect bride for a perfect groom, so scheduling a nose job is one of the biggest steps I can take toward utter contentment!

Write ‘Thank You’ Cards

I need to let everyone know how much I appreciate their attendance, so I’m planning to write a ton of thank-you notes. It’ll be a time-consuming process, but because I love all of my guests, it’ll be worth it.

Some people out there prefer quieter weddings; I definitely considered a smaller venue, but my fiancé and I have so many friends and family members that it was next to impossible to work out a more exclusive list.

So, I went ahead and invited everyone dear to me. I can’t wait for them all to witness our union! I hope they’ll appreciate how personalized the ‘Thank You’ cards are and will understand how grateful we are that they came to support us.

It might also be a good idea to get our guests some small gifts to go along with their notes. Perhaps some boxes of chocolates will do!

Write A Note That Expresses Your Feelings

I haven’t always been great at expressing myself out loud, but there are so many things I want to tell my beloved. That’s why I’m going to take the time to write him a passionate love note.

It’s difficult to put into words how much I cherish my fiancé, but music might help—in fact, I’ll play our favorite song while I read it to him. Hopefully I won’t tear up, and he won’t either! This is the biggest commitment we’ve ever made, and we’re taking the plunge together, so my letter needs to show him my deepest love and sincerity. I’m crossing my fingers that he’ll appreciate it as much as he’ll appreciate kissing the bride!

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