Most Common Types of Employment Law Cases In New York

As an employee, you may face unlawful conditions at workplace due to the ill treatment from the coworkers or employers. You have various legal employment lawsuits irrespective of whether you have a contractual or at-will type of employment. In New York, you must know the types of employment law cases to take legal actions and protect yourself from such unethical conditions.

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Before you contact your attorney, you must read below to know the types of employment law cases to take legitimate actions.

1. Discrimination

Your employers or coworkers may usually discriminate you based on age, gender, race, color, religion, physical disability, and sexual orientation. These discriminations are unlawful and you may take legally actions to protect your rights. The signs of workplace discrimination may include unequal pay, less or no hike in salary, compelled to retire, unpaid medical leaves, and boycott from team.

2. Harassment

Harassment refers to misbehavior towards a specific individual that makes them feel uncomfortable in the workplace like creating unfriendly working conditions or asking for sexual favors in exchange for favorable conditions at workplace. Harassment based on your age, sex, gender, disabilities, race, and religion are illegal throughout the New York and are prohibited by the Fair Employment and Housing Act of the U.S.

3. Wrongful termination

Wrongful termination means getting laid off or fired from job for the false reasons shown by the employer. You can be fired for regular late arrivals at work or bad performance. Your management may fire you for slightest of your mistakes. In such cases, you must have evidences to prove it wrongful and unfair termination.

4. Workplace injury

If you get injured during working hours without your fault, the employers must pay for your treatment and cover your basic necessities. Workplace injuries may be due to toxic chemicals, slips and falls, workplace violence, and falling objects. In case your employer in New York denies your injury claim, you have the right to file an employee lawsuit.

Whether it is minimum wage disputes, salary miscalculation, overtime disputes, non-receipt employment benefits, or any unpaid claim disputes, you need to have solid evidences to proof your condition and make a strong claim. You must preserve the reports like hand-written complaints, attendance register, and paychecks to record the events as proof. 

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