Four Important Laws To Know As A Driver In Indiana 

Owning a vehicle and driving on the road comes with great responsibility. You are not only to make sure of your safety but other people’s as well. There are several other cars and pedestrians on the road who trust you to follow the safety rules. The traffic laws can be extensive, but it is essential that you know them all to stay safe and provide safety. 

If you were injured in a car accident and were not following the traffic rules, you may have a case. A Fort Wayne car accident lawyer can help gather evidence that the other party was not following a traffic rule, rendering them liable for the accident and your damages as well. Meanwhile, here are four critical laws you should know as a driver in Indiana. 

Five important laws to know as a driver in Indiana 

  • Do not drink and drive. 

One of the ways to successfully increase your chances of an accident is driving while under the influence of alcohol or some other drug. The rule is that one should not drive a vehicle if they have consumed alcohol in such an amount that would impair their judgment-making abilities. For example, one or two sips are fine, but half a bottle is definitely not okay. 

  • Always own a valid car insurance policy. 

Every vehicle owner is required to have a car insurance policy with sufficient coverage. This does not only protect you from any unforeseen accidents but protects you from liability as well. Moreover, you could be penalized for driving a vehicle without a proper insurance policy. Buying the policy as soon as you buy your new vehicle is best. 

  • Always wear your seat belt. 

Seat belts are often underrated. Most people believe they are just belts you wear across your chest, which cannot do much to protect you in the case of an accident. However, that is ignorance. Seat belts can save your life. You may face a fine when you get caught driving without a seat belt. 

  • Do not use a mobile phone while driving. 

Your main focus should be the road while driving and nothing else. The government felt that using smartphones while driving causes distractions and accidents. This is especially true for two-wheeler drivers who do not have a shield to protect them, as in the case of passenger car vehicles. 

You should know these four crucial driving laws if you live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

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