How to Maintain your Lawn Mower at Home

A lawn mower will work perfectly to help you maintain your residential or commercial landscape even. The machine performs duties such as cutting grass evenly, trimming hedges, and clearing leaves. In this article, I will discuss how to maintain your lawn mower to ensure it’s long-lasting and serves you efficiently all the time.

Making it a routine to regular maintenance of your machine is the best step forward to care for your lawn mower. It makes your residential and commercial field attractive and always pleasing to the eyes. Make it a daily routine to inspect and repair all damages in your lawn mower to ensure the best performance in the field, and it will serve you for a long period. The best maintenance process is as follows;

Inspect and clean your machine regular

To start with, always use soap and a brush to clean your machine all dust and grass build-up. Ensure all the bolts are tight to avoid loosening and replace or coat bare wires to prevent more damages. Every time before using the mower, inspect the fuel level, air filter, and engine oil, you will avoid more damages that would have occurred on your machine.

Always sharpen or change the blade if the need be

First, you will need to lock the piston with a piece of cotton by fixing it into the cylinder head before initiating the process of unlocking the blade bolts. If you wish to sharpen the blades, just till the mower but remember to place wood under for support. First, clean the blade with water and then sharpen the cutting edge with a file. For replacement, you will have to buy new blades and mount them in the right direction as it was before.

Regularly change oil at least once per

I know you agree that most machines are determined by their engines, if you buy a lawn mower machine particularly, in Nairobi, then you will understand lawn mower prices in Nairobi. You have to maintain your engine rightfully. Frequently discharge the oil from your mower, put it in a safe container then replace your oil filters. Finally, put in a recommended amount of oil in the mower’s engine without overfilling then your lawn mower will be in the best condition.


Use water to all moving parts to assist in moving freely and efficiently. To grease points, always apply grease but be careful to use the one recommended on your manual handbook to avoid complications later. Use your manual guide to help you know all the fittings that need lubrication and perform the act at once for all of them.


You may choose how to handle your machine, but handing it with care will assure you of a long life to it. If you cant handle it personally, you should hire a professional to take good care of it. Your lawn mower requires at least maintenance once a year if not more, a simple task since it will only take a short while you will be through. Through my guide, you will understand how to maintain your machine and enjoy a long life.

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