Guide to selecting the best shapewear for your body

Shapewear has been a quite a debatable topic. However, today everyone knows that it is designed for every body shape and type. The guide here will tell you the best match for your body type so that you look your best in any dress you choose to wear. Check out the guide to consider before you select a full body shaper.

The result you want

The first thing that matters here is the compression level you want. Compression helps to sculpt and smooth your body efficiently.

Low compression: If you need smoothing benefits and good comfort, you can go for light control. It is a perfect inclusion in your daily wear to get your hip and belly smoothing results.

Medium compression: Medium compression is good for you if you want to enhance your curves. It offers subtle contouring to your body shape and gives you good control over targeted areas.

High compression: If you have a special event to attend and want to look your best in your wedding gown, prom dress or cocktail dress, you should look for high compression garments. They give you the best smoothing and control and generate amazing silhouette and body contouring results.

What enhancements do you need?

Shapewear works according to locations. So, which part of your body needs toning or support?

Full body: If you need an all-over smoothing, support and compression, you should try full-body shapewear such as a bodysuit.

Torso: if you need support in your upper part, you can choose a shaping cami or waist trainer vest.

Bottom: If you need to give your bottom some contouring and boost, you can choose butt lifters or smoothing panties.

Shapewear for different body types:

The best shapewear for women depends on their body type. Here are some recommendations depending on the body type:

Apple-shaped body

This means you have a big bust and full midsection. If your tummy doesn’t make you wear clothes of your choice, you should go for a high-waist shaper panty. You can also go for high-waist shaping Capri to get 360-degree control on your belly, waistline and back.

Rectangle-shaped body

If you have a small bust with a straight torso and a sleek hip, you own a rectangle body shape. So, you can look curvier by adding more shape to your body. You can shape your butt with butt lifters and smoothing shorts. It can be worn with any outfit.

Hourglass body

If your shoulders and hips are in the same ratio, you have an hourglass body. You can choose high-waist briefs to avoid a muffin top. The panty smooths your tummy and waist and gives you a good, sculpted look. You can also get a smoothing look with a shaping camisole.

Pear-shaped body

You have a pear-shaped body if you own a small bust, slim back, and a broad waist with full thighs and buttocks. You can sculpt your hips and make your tummy look sleeker by choosing mid-waist shaping leggings. Or you can go for a high-waist thigh slimmer. They offer good support to your thighs and slim down your buttocks, tummy and waist.

Regardless of your body type, you can pick the right style and get a flattering body shape. So, choose the best shapewear for women now and transform your body

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