Film Guru Shishyaru: Schedules, Songs, and a Trailer

Having made a name in the Hindi film industry, Tharun Kishore Sudhir is one of the most sought-after producers in India. His movies are a mix of comedy, drama and sports, which have always received good response from the audiences. With this film, he has once again proven himself as a dependable producer.

Comedy entertainer

‘Guru Shishyaru’ is one of those movies that you will not find on any list of top-rated films. Nevertheless, this ‘Kho-kho’ themed sports drama has some good songs and a good BGM that creates memorable moments for sports buffs. But the real winner is the film’s cleverly disguised message. It is a refreshing break from’mindless’ action films.

Despite the fact that this movie was not released in cinemas, it is already available for download on a variety of online sites. The good news is that the film will be screened on an OTT platform sometime in November 2022. The good old fashioned way to watch a movie is by going to the cinema. However, if you want to save a buck or two, you should download the movie from these online sites.

Sports drama

Earlier, Guru Shishyaru was available on different torrent websites for free download. However, it was not a chartbuster. The ending of the film was not as expected. However, there were some memorable moments in the movie.

The movie follows the rags to riches theme which is common in sports dramas. Manohar, a former national kho-kho champion, gets a job as a physical education teacher at a school in Bettadapura. He blends in with the students and the villagers. The film shows that the boys are able to defeat a team that is corrupt, dirty, and biased.

The movie also shows the bonding between Manohar and his students. He tries to persuade them to perform productive work. But the film does not explain the game thoroughly. In the end, the audience will have to watch the movie to know more. It also contains some lip-smacking twists that will definitely catch your attention.

Cho-kho sequences

PT teacher Manohara (Sharan) has been assigned to coach a kho-kho team. He starts off by teaching the game to a class of students. However, his efforts are soon foiled by the scheming Rudrappa (Rakshak Sena), a swindler who pressures the villagers to give up their land. Eventually, Manohara defeats Rudrappa’s team and tears up. The villagers celebrate the victory. The movie introduces a host of other characters, each with their own story to tell.

The movie makes a point about the sport of kho-kho and what it means to youth. It also highlights the plight of schools in India and provides a realistic view of youth life. The film has received a positive response on social networking sites, especially Twitter. Besides Sharan, the film also stars Suriya, Apurva Kasarahalli and Dattanna. The film has received praise for its performances.

Tharun Kishore Sudhir as the creative head

Despite being an octave short of a quarter century of age, Tharun Kishore Sudhir has been busy in the rat race to the top of the food chain. Having completed his hotel management course at KLE College, Sudhir is also no stranger to the big and small screen. After a stint working in the aforementioned rat race, the youngster set his sights on a cricket career. After a brief stint at Ashoka Hotel, Tharun moved on to the next big thing. A year later, he had a major league audition and was off on his first production. Thankfully, the actor’s mate Sharan is also not the only name on his tongue. In fact, the two have partnered to create one of the most prolific film production duos in Kannada.


Those who like sports films must watch Guru Shishyaru. The film is set in the 90s and focuses on the game of kho-kho. It has a good BGM which creates memorable moments for sports enthusiasts. The film is a refreshing break from the mindless action films. It also introduces new faces in the cast.

Guru Shishyaru is directed by Jadeshaa K Hampi. The film is a sports drama. It stars Sharan and Nishvika Naidu. The story revolves around the former national champion of kho-kho game. He is a physical education teacher. He has a bond with the students and teaches them well. He is assigned the job of a sports coach.


The film was released on 23rd September in the theatres. It was a successful film and earned good reviews.

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