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Hello, today I will introduce an anime that I think is still less well known, but the plot is quite interesting. We tried it out for ourselves and discovered that off-the-beaten-path anime is more fun than you thought, So I want to share animeflix with friends to see.

1.Run with the wind Watch it copyrighted on Animeflix.

Start the first story with Run with the wind, or the Thai name is Run with the wind. Synopsis Senior Haiji wants to form a long-distance running team. The team members are not far away but are people in the dormitory where he lives. The plot is well-executed and easy to understand. Insert the idea of ​​the character’s angles little by little. I feel like I’m going out for a run with the characters. For us, this gives us a lot to think about as one of the valuable anime. So, I want to leave a lot for everyone to follow.

2.Great pretender. Watch it copyrighted on Animeflix.

The story is an original animeflix anime. I would say that people who know little are not really because this story has a good launch trend. The first thing that we would like to present very much is the subject of the picture. This story uses a very unusual visual style with extremely bright colors. I think that is one of the uniqueness of this story. As for the story, it’s much more fun than I thought. It feels like there are scammers constantly tricking our thoughts. Yes, because this is about a gang of scammers. Boiled both in the story, and everyone is watching. Focus on selling quite a lot of funny scenes. But the story doesn’t go out to sea anywhere. There is a magic knot to follow as well.

3.Carole & Tuesday is licensed on Animeflix.

Let’s come to some music anime. It is a story about a friendship between two girls, Carol and Today, who share their passions: music and singing. The two worked together to create a new song from their instruments. In which era they live, a piece can be easily created from electronic devices. But those songs still lacked the mind of the composer anyway. In addition to the content is very good, the soundtrack for this story is equally good. A lot of songs are very satisfying to listen to and enjoy.

Finally, if they tell the wrong information somewhere, they have to apologize. The intent is to share the anime with all your friends.

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