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Promotional coupons are an excellent tool for increasing sales, monitoring customer demand, and analyzing customer acquisition paths. To evaluate the effectiveness of advertising coupons, they are printed with digital codes. Having traced in what form of media, with what illustrated and textual support they are used most often, you can choose the most effective placement option.

Now you may wonder where you will see your coupons. All coupons available to you can be found on the “” page in the Premium Store. New coupons are marked with a special inscription, and each coupon displays a description of the bonus that you will receive when you apply it and a timer with an expiration date. Even you can enjoy toonly coupon code for lifetime on this platform.

What does it mean of coupons and promotional codes?

The critical goal of coupons and promotional codes is to attract a user and convert them into a sale. With coupons and promotional codes, you can also:

  • track the effectiveness of different sales channels;
  • increase customer loyalty;
  • increase the number of repeated checks;
  • motivate the user to take part in the promotion;
  • Increase brand awareness.

Coupons are convenient to use for offline format: at conferences and exhibitions, in supermarkets and restaurants. The promo code is more suitable for online mailings, sales on marketplaces, and coupon sites like The latter should be attracted as partners to control the distribution of promotional codes – otherwise, these services may themselves put your special offers in the public domain.

The easier it is for a user to use a coupon or promo code, the better. Therefore, it is essential to write down clear rules, indicate the validity periods, and highlight the field of application of the code.

Effectiveness of promotional coupons:

After analyzing all the available programs, the loyalty of retail chains, it was found that promotional coupons are one of the most profitable. As a rule, they are given to the buyer at the checkout to get a discount on the next purchase.

Thus, the point of sale “ties” the client to itself. As a rule, most advertising newspapers end up straight in the trash can, but the placement of coupons in them forces buyers to pre-study their content.

Often, customers go to the same store to get coupons. This makes it possible to assess the consumption structure of their family. Because each type of advertising product has its barcode, it becomes possible to obtain information based on which the correct formation of the newsletter is carried out, and other marketing tools are used as efficiently as possible. To get some especial coupons, you can visit this website.

What things do you need to know if the coupons code didn’t work?

Make sure that the coupons code is entered correctly and that all conditions for its use are met:

  • the order amount exceeds the established minimum (for example, the purchase amount is more than $300);
  • the number of goods in the order corresponds to the conditions for the validity of the coupons code (for example, in the order of more than three goods);
  • the product in the order belongs to the category/selection to which the coupons code applies;
  • The validity period of the promotional code has not yet expired.

Also, remember that:

  • only one coupons code can be applied to an order;
  • a discount on a coupons code may not apply to some products or brands;
  • Each coupons code is valid for a limited period.

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