Award Ideas For Your Keynote Speakers

Every event that you host should include a corporate award that you can give to the individuals and organizations that help make it a success. When it comes to planning an event, having a keynote speaker is a must. They will be the star of the show and, as such, deserve to get an award as a thank you for their contribution to the event.

Importance of Your Keynote Speaker

Having a great keynote speaker can help set the tone for the event and provide a unique and effective message for your guests. They are the one who is responsible for setting the event tone, and their speech will be what resonates with the audience.

Although a motivational speaker might be ideal, they should also be able to relate to the event’s specific context and not be too preachy or inspirational. Your event will most likely be exciting if your keynote speaker is someone who will stick around for a long time.

Since your keynote speaker is the one who will be responsible for setting the tone for the event, they must be acknowledged properly. You can either present an award to them after their speech or send them a physical reminder of the event they attended, such as custom trophies.

Why Give an Award to Your Keynote Speaker?

There are a variety of reasons to give your keynote speaker an award for their speech. Ultimately, a custom award will make them feel like their contribution was valued. Other reasons include:

  • Awards can help increase company credibility
  • It shows gratitude for a job well done
  • Gives your company something to be talked about in a positive way
  • It can be natural press for the keynote speaker and the company

Giving an award can help people feel like they have been acknowledged and confirms a job well done. It can also help boost the company’s social media presence and gain more viewers.

Press releases or social media posts can publicize your company’s achievements. Your recipient will most likely share the information about your press release or post it on their social media platforms.

Award Ideas for Your Keynote Speaker

Traditional Awards

One of the most popular award ideas is the tall crystal trophy. This is a great option if you are looking for something a bit more elegant. Creating a tall crystal award is eye-catching and can help your keynote speaker catch the audience’s attention.

You can also keep the lights on the award as they hit the stage, which is great since most people are currently working or hosting events from home.


A simple yet effective way to gift an award is by incorporating your company’s logo into the design. This can be done by having an award that features the company’s name and the word “keynote speaker” written in the shape of an award. This is a great way to show appreciation for their impressive speech and remind them of the time they were a part of your event.

Functional Awards

This is a great alternative if you are unsure what your recipient’s hobbies are or how they would use an award. Creating a functional replica of an award for your keynote speaker is a great way to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication. However, it can be a bit challenging to create since you might not be able to identify what your recipient’s interests are.


Although this may not be the best idea to present an award to your keynote speaker, it can be a nice gesture. If you’re planning on giving an award in front of an audience, why not give an engraved bottle instead? This would be a great way to show your appreciation and surprise the recipient. This could be paired with a nice set of etched drinking glasses.

A Medal

When you were younger, you probably got a medal for winning the 4th-grade spelling bee. Even though this seems old school, many companies are choosing to offer medals to their keynote speakers as their custom award.

It’s a prestigious idea, and it’s something that the recipient will hold in high regard. It can be placed in an engraved wood box with the company logo and the keynote speaker’s name.

Your guest keynote speaker should always present an award to show your appreciation. These are just some ideas for custom awards to choose from. When you work with a manufacturer, your options are endless.

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