Why the Holiday Season is a Common Time for Trucking Accidents

The holiday seasons are such a fantastic and amazing time of year because we spend time with family and experience the love and joy that comes with it. However, the holiday season can also be a troubling experience for many people, especially truck drivers, who experience a high rate of crashes in this time.

Why exactly is this the case? Is there anything that can be done about it? If you’re a truck driver who has had to work with a Houston truck accident lawyer after a holiday-related crash, you likely want to avoid this problem in the future. Thankfully, understanding these crash influences can help you.

Much Busier Roads

Truck drivers typically have to contend with a lot of traffic throughout the year. However, the holiday season sees a heavy increase in drivers, including college students going home. These individuals may be in a hurry and could drive more erratically or dangerously than they would normally.

As a result, it is important for truck drivers to prepare for this danger by altering their normal driving behaviors. Truck drivers need to be more defensive than traditional drivers anyway. But slowing yourself down and letting other drivers do their thing is critical during this season.

Worse Driving Conditions

Even though Houston isn’t necessarily that wintery, snow can and does fall throughout this area. Unfortunately, its rarity makes its occurrence that much more of a problem for drivers. Simply put, Texas drivers often don’t know how to react to snow and ice and drive poorly as a result.

This situation is something that truck drivers can prepare for by taking safe driving classes and learning how to control their rig in the winter. They also need to watch out for questionable driving behaviors while they’re on the road and react to them accordingly, either by slowing down or even stopping savefromnet .

For example, you may pull into a rest stop and park your truck when the snow and rain starts falling heavily. Sleep it out and let your company know that you need to take a break to avoid crashes. While this might slow your delivery time, it will keep you safe and prevent serious crash risks.

Rig Failure

Cold weather and wintery conditions have a bad tendency to wear down rigs and cause failure. For example, anybody who’s ever watched shows like “Ice Road Truckers” knows that extreme cold may cause a diesel engine to fail and can leave a trucker stranded and at risk for crashes.

While it rarely gets that cold in Texas, when it does, you need to be prepared for it. Regularly maintaining your truck before you leave for a trip is critical. Check the brakes, air pressure, and your engine’s overall health before leaving. Make sure you put in a bit more air than normal in your tires each winter.

Staying Safe

If you’re concerned about these risks, it is important to do what you can to alter your driving behaviors and become a safer and more defensive truck driver. For example, you may want to drive a little slower during the holidays, even if that means your delivery time isn’t as quick as you prefer or if your client gets frustrated.

Just as importantly, you should make sure you have a good lawyer on staff who understands your needs and who can help you avoid serious lawsuits. These professionals can prepare a case that may help you win or at least minimize your potential loss if you’re at fault in a winter crash this holiday season.

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