What to consider before using Text To Speech software for podcasts?

Once in a while, you definitely look forward to starting a podcast. But as soon things reach your mind, you may hesitate to speak. manytoons

A podcast, in simple words, is a radio show running on an app on your smartphone. Often those who have a flair for writing choose to start a podcast too. Because writers are greatly opinionated, their hesitant nature stops them from podcasting. Another concern for writers is that they have to invest in tools.

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But, what if you find out that you can start podcasting today without any major investment, using single audio equipment?

You don’t have to record your voice a single time. It can easily be done using a text-to-speech voice creator. Yes, the technology is available, and with every passing day, it is improving.


Because of AI and ML, text-to-speech has become easily accessible. It is a perfect tool because the writer doesn’t have to get bored using the technology.  manytoon

It is simple to use, and all you need to do is copy-paste or select the text you want to convert into audio, and it is done within seconds. is a simple app that helps you convert written text into a voice that can be used for podcasts. Just download the software and set it on your desktop to start using it.  rexdlcom

How to use

It is very simple to use as you have a couple of steps involved.

  • Once you have downloaded the program, you should import, copy-paste, or highlight the text you want to convert to a podcast.
  • Click on your desired human-like voice, and tune the speed, pronunciation, audio quality, and male-female voice.
  • Once the setting is done, you can preview it to get an idea of the podcast audio.
  • Make desirable changes and click on Convert to get the audio file.  acmarketnet

If you like to stay informed and do things effectively, will help you do it. The program will convert articles, news, and your experience into a podcast with a natural human-like voice. The file can be downloaded in MP3 or WAV format and used to start your podcast.

A few things to consider before using Text-to-Speech software for the podcast are:

  • Choice of voice: It is important to pick a voice that resembles you a little. This will help you feel more of a personal touch with the podcast.
  • Adjust the speed, tune, pronunciation, and accent: It is important to adjust the speed, tune, spot points, pronunciations, and accent you need for the podcast. Anything that makes it look like an artificial voice may not attract an audience to your podcast.
  • Choose the language: You can also record your podcast in several languages depending on your preference. This will help you expand your base.

So, from blogging to podcasting, you can choose text-to-speech voice generator for any purpose you need. Just believe in yourself and take the big step. It will not take much time before you develop a good podcast audience.

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