What is network infrastructure planning?

Creating a good network infrastructure plan is a fundamental factor in the development of your company. Why? Because it allows you to face the most common challenges such as scalability, resilience, performance, and many others. On top of that, network infrastructures can be linked with supplementary technologies, which improve the overall performance of the whole system.

What networks are the most popular?

It is worth remembering that network infrastructure planning can be focused on various solutions, such as SDN, DC, WAN, or SD-WAN. Of course, the best companies work with numerous types of networks, and they provide the customer with expertise regarding each one.


SDN, also known as Software-Defined Networking, is an excellent choice for companies that look for flexible solutions. Because SDN is closely linked with automation, any changes and updates can be implemented faster, and businesses can reduce time-to-market, gaining an advantage over their competition.


Data center networks are also changing and evolving in order to keep up with the challenges facing the technological development of the companies. That is why older protocols (such as STP) are changed to newer solutions like EVPN, VXLAN, BGP, or MPLS. Because of that, data centers can be created with better scalability, robustness and achieve impressive resource optimization.


Wide Area Network is another excellent option as it combines multiple types of technologies, both the new and old ones. Of course, brand new solutions are continuously added to the WAN network, improving its overall performance. As a result, customers can enjoy cloud connectivity, thorough monitoring, and SD-WANs.


As the name suggests, Software-Defined Wide Area Network is created when SDN is implemented into the WAN network. This solution consists of a centralized control plane, but it also allows the administrators remote access. Of course, each network infrastructure plan can be integrated with other technologies as well. Among the most popular additions, you will find clouds or automation.

Who can help you with network infrastructure planning?

Developing a network infrastructure plan that is suited to the profile of your company and its principal needs is quite a challenging task. That is why it is safest to turn to professionals and let them design a solution perfectly fitted to your business. Try to choose an experienced team that is versatile when it comes to the types of networks they create.

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