What is cyberbullying and what can you do to stop it?

Cyberbullying is something that we are now hearing frequently. Young adults and especially teenagers are using cyberbullying as means to harass someone in the comfort of anonymity. You must know about cyberbullying and spread awareness among your children as well so that you are less likely to fall victim to it. Cyber harassment is a form of bullying that can last long-lasting effects on one’s reputation and mental health.

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying also known as cyber harassment or internet harassment is bullying done through electronic mediums. The bully finds its victim’s weaknesses and attacks sitting behind a screen. It’s extremely difficult to spot who the internet bully is, and this is what has made cyberbullying so popular. Teens who want revenge or just giggles have started cyberbullying for fun.

But beware, as there are many serious cyber bullies out there who الابتزاز العاطفي the victims and puts pressure on them. Cyberbullying can be stopped if you are strong-headed and act like whatever they are posting to get your attention doesn’t bother you. Mostly, all these cyberbullies need is a response from their victims. If you keep on blocking, reporting, and ignoring them, they might go away. However, sometimes it is not enough, and this blackmail can quickly turn into a serious matter. It’s important to know when things have gotten out of hand and when to get professional help.

How to help stop cyberbullying?

If someone you know or you are victim to blackmail it’s important that you take a step against it. Remaining silent can only strengthen your bully and you must do something about it. Firstly, you can start by reporting the issue in a nearby police station if the situation has gotten quite serious. Professionals are trained and can help by tracking down the location of your bully. It’s important that you tell them about the whole incident and don’t miss out on small details.

It’s important to tell someone in your family about it. Confiding in someone you trust will help you gain momentum and the strength you need to fight the bullying. Many people have suffered internet blackmail from العصابة المغربية.

Taking some time off social media and focusing on self-healing is a great option. The less you look at what your cyberbully is posting, the freer you will feel. Internet harassment cannot carry on if you separate yourself from the internet.

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