What ink is used to print on canvas

Canvas printing is used not only for outdoor advertising at BSPROMO, but also for a number of other purposes. In principle, such service can be ordered both for commercial activities and for interior design in the house.

At the same time, you need to know some of the subtleties of this type of printing. And it is not only about the materials of the canvas. Ink also matters, as well as for other technologies and printing media such as Fly banner – Banderolas Publicitarias. After all, the resistance of the resulting image to external influences, durability and colorfulness depends on the ink. In addition, under a certain medium may require a specific type of ink, and therefore, and this is taken into account in a mandatory manner.

The most popular types of inks

Inks for printing in principle, there are many. At different times certain kinds of inks were developed, some of them added to the arsenal of printing houses, some turned out to be unsuitable. Today, most printing centers use these types of inks:

  • Water-soluble. They allow you to get a clear and colorful image. Generally, this is the most suitable type for printing bright, juicy pictures, photographs, portraits, etc. It is worth noting the environmental friendliness of such consumable material, so canvases can be hung even in bedrooms and children’s rooms, of course, if the material of the canvas itself allows. The only drawback is the low resistance to external factors;
  • They too are environmentally friendly, and it is them most often chosen by printing centers for printing on canvases. Pigmented inks are based on oil, which provides a beautiful image with deep colors. This ink is also suitable for large-format, which is used for the production and printing impresi√≥n en lona frontlit, also such printing is used for the production of ROLL UP stands;
  • They are used for large-format plotters and digital printers. They are highly resistant to external factors, however, to the detriment of clarity. However, for many types of printed matter high image detail and is not required.

Each type of ink presented has its own price range. Some will be cheaper because the cost of production is lower, others are more expensive. On the other hand, the pricing is influenced by the brand name, quality, characteristics and, of course, store markups. Which understandably affects printing services.

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