What Happens if a Restraining Order in New Jersey Becomes Final?

If you are facing a domestic violence charge and have been issued a temporary restraining order or TRO, you should know the implications of a finalized order. You probably think that you can just stay away from the alleged victim and never contact them. However, a restraining order can cause you more issues than this when finalized. So, to ensure your rights are protected, retain a New Jersey restraining order defense lawyer as soon as possible. Keep reading to know what to expect when a TRO becomes final:

A Final Restraining Order is Permanent

Once a TRO becomes final, it does not expire in New Jersey. A restraining order can only be vacated if the victim voluntarily asks a judge to lift it by filing a formal application. Often, a hearing will be done to tackle the matter. 

You Won’t Be Able to Possess Any Forms of Firearms

If you let a TRO become final, you lose your right to possess firearms. This means that you will need to say goodbye to your hunting or target shooing hobby. Also, you may need to get rid of any weapon you inherited or has sentimental value. 

You May Lose Your House

If you and the alleged victim live in the same house, you may be prohibited from returning to it even if you own it. In general, New Jersey courts grant permission for you to return to collect some items. However, you should be accompanied by a police officer. In most cases though, you will be barred from entering your house again. 

Your Rights to Your Children May be Affected

If you and the alleged victim have children, a judge may order a risk assessment on you before they determine the appropriate parenting time to grant you. During such assessment, court representatives will interview you to get information that will aid the judge in determining the appropriate custody arrangement. Also, the alleged victim will be interviewed on their desire for custody. 

You Can be Ordered to Attend Counseling

The court may order that you attend domestic violence and anger management counseling pr submit yourself to alcohol and drug assessments. These sessions can last for months, disputing your everyday life. 

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You Wil Be in the Domestic Violence Registry

This registry is available to all court personnel and law enforcement. Being included in it can have long-term consequences. For instance, it can affect your ability to travel.

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