What Are Legal Translation Services?

Wondering what are legal translation services, and when does your company need them? Is it necessary to invest in a professional translation if you only want to grasp the general meaning of the document? Can a birth certificate be translated by your best friend, who is fluent in the target language? Keep reading to discover answers to all these questions!

Legal document translation – what is it?

The process of translating certain documents requires help of professionals with profound knowledge of the source and target language, cultures and, more importantly, legal systems. Legal translation specializes in transferring exact meanings of legal documents from one language to another.

Legalese, meaning legal terminology, is so complex that only properly trained people can understand it. Therefore, if you have to translate documents such as:

  • contracts,
  • birth or marriage certificates,
  • confidentiality agreements,
  • court transcripts,
  • wills,
  • complaints,
  • legal statements,
  • policies,
  • licenses,
  • litigation documents,
  • legal disclaimers,

you need support of a quality legal translation services provider that understands the legal systems of the countries involved.  A literal translation may not present the factual data included in the source text accurately, especially if a translator doesn’t fully comprehend the implications of the document.

When do you need legal document translation?

The vast majority of courts state that documentation has to be translated by certified translators. Due to the fact that judiciary systems and legal document formats vary across various countries, it’s crucial to ensure that you outsource the translation process to real experts in the field who perfectly know needed languages and legal systems. This is very important as inaccurate translations can have serious repercussions. Therefore, it’s best to invest in services offered by certified specialists.

However, if you only want to grasp the general meaning of the text, you don’t need a certified translator. Nevertheless, because of the complexity of the legal terminology, it’s still advisable to outsource the task to a professional translation company that can tailor services to your expectations.

Why are legal translation services so important?

When you outsource your document translation to an external company, you need to take into account that this company will be somehow representing your business. To ensure a happy ending of your case, you need a specialist who can translate your document into the target language in an accurate, relevant and transparent way.

Correct translations are crucial when dealing with official documents in a foreign language. Although it may seem a bit pompous, choosing a reliable legal translation services provider can change your life.

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