Useful travel laundry tips using an organic laundry detergent

What’s more relaxing and adventurous than traveling and discovering new places to eat and enjoy. Well, traveling is a whole lot of adventure but the worst part is when you have to arrange some time to wash your laundry. Doing laundry while traveling is the most frustrating job. However, the good part is that you do not have to pack more clothes as you can wash the ones you’ve packed and wear them more often. That means you can buy gifts for your loved ones and pack them inside the suitcase instead of clothes. If you are planning to go on a trip, doing laundry is a difficult job. That is why we bring you some useful tips to wash your clothes using an organic laundry detergent.

How do you pack laundry detergent when traveling?

When you are packing your clothes, you must be thinking about how you should pack the laundry detergent inside your suitcase. Well, that’s easy. Laundry detergents can be packed in a recyclable plastic bag so that you can easily carry them around.

How do you disinfect clothes when traveling?

Well, the best way to disinfect your clothes while traveling is to use an organic laundry detergent which helps to remove bacteria, viruses, or even harmful chemicals or stains from your clothes easily without any hassle. The best organic laundry detergent you can use is Lumehra’s organic laundry detergent. Yes, you’ve heard that right. Lumehra’s natural laundry detergent is free of toxic chemicals and is made of plant-based materials which are super environmentally friendly. This means these detergents do not contain any harmful chemical which impacts your skin or clothes. Lumehra’s organic laundry detergent comes in a portable recyclable plastic bag that you can carry around while traveling. That is why it is best if you take lumehra’s organic laundry detergent while traveling so that your clothes can be washed easily and smell fresh.

Whenever you are traveling, you should always look around for the best laundry tips that help you to wash your clothes while traveling. Some of them are here as follows:

Use the sink or bathtub

When you are staying in a hotel, the sink or a bathtub can be used for doing laundry so that you can wash your clothes yourself easily in the sink. Do not forget to wash the sink before you put your clothes in the sink so that you can get rid of the bacteria and leftover stains.

Book an apartment that has a washing machine

If you are planning to go on a low-budget trip, booking an apartment is always good for the budget. This helps you to make way for laundry easily and wash your clothes without paying additional charges for laundry if you book a hotel.

Pack jeans

Jeans are the best material which does not require much washing as they do not get dirty very often. When you are traveling, your clothes should be the least of your worries. Therefore, packing denim jeans helps you to sustain it for a longer time.

Use a dry bag for smelly and dirty clothes

When you are traveling, putting dirty clothes with the washed ones is not the right thing to do as you do not want to mix them up. Therefore, you should always bring a dry bag for smelly and dirty clothes where you can keep all the dirty clothes which release bad odors. Hence, by keeping them aside, you can use Lumehra’s natural laundry detergents to wash them in a sink.

How to wash laundry in a sink

All you have to do is place all of the dirty clothes in a sink or a bathtub and pour some water by plugging the sink so that the water stays there. Now, you can soak the dirty clothes in the water for 2 minutes and leave them there. Once the clothes are soaked, it is time for you to add Lumehra’s organic laundry detergent which works best in removing stubborn stains and making your clothes look fresh and new. Lumehra’s organic laundry detergent is free of chemicals which means your clothes will sustain their vibrant colors and will never look dull. Furthermore, with Lumehra’s organic laundry detergent, you can make your clothes smell fresh and amazing. This laundry detergent comes in two variants such as tea tree oil laundry detergent and fresh lavender laundry detergent. This means, once you wash your smelly clothes with organic detergent, not only your clothes will release the aromatic fragrance but will light up your room and suitcase with the floral fragrance as if you have sprayed a room freshener.

Doing laundry while you are traveling drains energy and takes a lot of time. Well, it is worth it if you do not want to spend money on buying new clothes and save bucks for other travel adventures by repeating clothes. Doing laundry is not that hard. It’s super easy. All you have to do is manage some time and get things done. While you are traveling, washing your clothes is not the only material that needs an organic laundry detergent. Yes, that’s true. You can wash your portable bag, disinfect your kid’s toys, or even wash your shoes with the organic laundry detergent as this detergent is super environmentally friendly and never damages your belongings.

Next time if you plan on traveling and you decide not to pack a detergent, think again. Not only does it help you save bucks on the hotel’s laundry services but helps you manage your things all by yourself. Using an organic laundry detergent helps you to move towards an environmentally friendly approach and prevents you from releasing carbon footprint in the atmosphere. Lumehra’s organic laundry detergent not only gets your clothes cleaned but also contributes positively to the environment. Now when you find doing laundry hectic during traveling, remember the tricks and tips which help to make your laundry routine look super easy. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags for the crazy adventure and don’t forget to pack Lumehra’s organic laundry detergent with it!

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