Types of Management Styles

Management style is a process or way every manager works to realize their goals. This includes all the ways a manager organizes, plans, makes decisions, and manages their staff. Management style can depend on the business, startup, country, culture, etc. It also depends on several factors, like policies, priorities, employee engagement, staff skills, and else. Whether you do supermarket management or other, these factors are essential. As a manager, you need to know management styles and understand which is the best for you and your company. Next, we will explore three types of management styles that you need to know.  

Authoritative Management Style

The first is the authoritative management style. This is a style where the project manager is in total control. 

The manager sets goals, manages all working processes, and makes all decisions. In this case, leaders work with employees at each step of the working process, lead them, and mentor them. You can be an authoritative leader using several essential steps, like defining your purpose, engaging with your employees, reflecting on the situations, etc. So, being an authoritative manager can bring you many benefits; boost your employee’s productivity(they can focus on their own working process), improve the decision-making process, etc. 

Consultative Management Style

The second type of management style is consultative management. Consultative managers make all decisions with employees and ask about their thoughts and questions. Every team member is involved in the whole working process, but the manager makes the final decision. This management style is used there, where all staff is professionals. So, it can work in small teams too. Consultative management can build a trusting zone between managers and team members. Besides that, this style allows team members to learn from each other and understand the working process in different aspects. And finally, it can grow your team communication and make your working process more effective.  

Participative Management Style

And the final style of management is a participative management style. This is about involving all team members in the decision-making process. In this case, staff can access more information about business goals, objectives, and others. Participate management allows you to work with your team together and create strong communication with them. This can make your employees more satisfied, productive, and valued. The more your team members understand your business goals and involve the processes, the more effective they can work and bring your business success, including business and sales growing, increasing customers, etc.    


So, now you know several management styles that you can use in your workplace. Managers can use all these styles depending on the situation. Understanding these styles allows you to become a good manager for your employees and company. It is essential to know that management style is like a communication style. These styles are different and can be used in various situations and companies. 

So, the first step in your management career is understanding which management styles can best fit you and your company. 

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