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How to get a visa for Turkey?

Whether for a sightseeing tour of Istanbul or a business meeting in Ankara, short stays in Turkey is very flexible for all nationals. Beyond three months, however, it will be necessary to apply for a residence permit. If you want to get Turkey passport visa free countries than click on the highlighted link and visit our official website and get further info there.

What are the conditions for a stay of less than three months in Turkey?

The simply need to present, upon arrival, a valid passport with a long expiration date (at least six months beyond your date of entry into the country). Note that these three months of authorized visa-free stay on Turkish territory can be divided at will: you can therefore make successively, during one year, several trips as long as the total duration of stay remains less than three months. These conditions are valid for any mode of travel, whether your arrival takes place at an international airport, in a port or by road. In the latter case, be careful: the Turkish authorities will then verify that you leave the country in the same way, and with the same vehicle! The presentation of the passport is also sufficient for travelers of Swiss or Luxembourg nationality. Canadians and Belgians, on the other hand, must first apply for a visa on our recommended website.

When going through customs

 Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country but nevertheless tolerates the importation of alcoholic beverages in reasonable quantities. You can land with a maximum of four bottles of wine or other light spirits (beer, cider, etc.). However, allow a maximum of 1 liter for strong alcohols exceeding 22 °, such as rum or whiskey. When it comes to cigarettes, you are limited to one cartridge.

Residence permit and work permit

 The conditions relating to a longer and professional stay in Turkey tend to change rapidly: it is recommended that you contact the Turkish consulate closest to your home in advance, the only one able to provide you with up-to-date information and information instructions necessary to regularize your situation. As a general rule, you should first obtain the “work permit”, which is requested by your employer himself (after proper recruitment) and is the essential key to a residence permit temporary. The latter is of variable duration and established on a case-by-case basis, which obviously cannot exceed the period of validity of your passport. Once the work permit has been granted to your employer, it is your responsibility to submit an application for a work visa to the consular authorities of Turkey.

Your long-stay travel insurer in Turkey

 By leaving the borders of the European Union, you potentially expose yourself to very significant health costs at your expense in the event of hospitalization, as well as to many other risks. Travel’s “long-stay travel insurance” formula is available to all travelers wishing to be adequately covered during their trip to Turkey: generous compensation ceilings in terms of health care, hospitalization, repatriation, civil liability abroad or even damage to luggage make our insurance group the specialist contact for a large number of policyholders traveling in Asia Minor

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