Top Tips on Buying a Quality Heavy Duty Welding Machine

The introduction of welding machines is a great boost not only to the construction industry but also to the building and construction entrepreneurs and the sector at large. The industry has led to the building up of strong and trusted doors, windows and roofs that is attributed to the improvement of security in our buildings.

The beauty of investing in a machine is how long and better it will serve you. Buying a quality machine will save you on frequent breakdowns and failures hence improving your productivity per unit time. A welding machine uses electrical or mechanical energy to melt metals hence able to join together or separate the metals depending on what you intend to do.

To effectively and efficiently utilize the benefits derived from a welding machine, you have to keenly observe the following key points:

  1. Type of welding material
  2. Power supply
  3. Maintenance costs and the accessibility of spare parts
  4. The warranty
  5. Portability of the machine.

Type of Welding Material to be used

Most welding materials are specific to a particular width of a metal, specifying the purpose of the machine before making an order will save you from incurring additional costs. There are also general-purpose welding machines that can work on a wider range of metals, therefore if you intend to tap all the available opportunities in the welding field you are advised to prefer it.

The Power Supply

This is also another critical point to consider in making a selection, there are welding machines that use electricity and those that use gas, the ones that use electricity can weld a variety of metals as compared to those that use gas. Heavy duty welding machine price in Kenya is higher compared to other machines due to its ability to do a wide range of welding work with minimum power consumption.

Maintenance Costs and Accessibility of Spare Parts

As the machine works, some of its parts are damaged hence the need for maintenance and replacement. A good machine should be easy and cheaper to maintain and the spare parts for the replacement of worn-out parts should be accessible. This will save you from incurring extra costs hence you will be guaranteed a maximum benefit.

The Warranty

This is an advantage given to the machine buyer for maintenance purposes within a given period. Warranty may help a buyer to save on some costs and also return the machine in case he or she is not satisfied with its working condition. This will help in securing a quality machine that satisfies your demand as a buyer.

Is the Machine Easy to Move from one point to another?

Here we consider the portability aspects of the welding machine. A machine that is easy to move and the accessories are long enough to satisfy your work area are the best preferred.


It is always safe to buy quality machines that will serve you the maximum. Considering the tips above will give you fast hand in getting quality ones. Always ensure you search before you buy a tool. Invest in quality.

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