Three Tips for Choosing the Best Mr.  & Mrs. Italy Winter Jacket

Known for its upscale cool outerwear, Mr.  & Mrs. Italy reinvents classic style with colorful shearling trims and linings. These pieces have a playful flair that makes them perfect for the cooler months. Here, we look at some of the company’s most stylish winter jackets. Here are three tips to help you choose the best one. First, read the label’s brand story.

Authentication experience for mar & mars Italy parkas

For the authentication experience for Mr & mrs Italy parkas, the company has partnered with a high-tech firm, Blue Bite. The chips, embedded in the garments, allow the owner to authenticate them and receive brand updates. In addition, they allow consumers to register their items for free and share their information with other users. The company expects to generate 57 million euros in revenue in 2018.

A mar & mars Italy parka is made from cotton canvas and fully lined with luxurious fox fur in black. Its military-inspired design makes it a perfect piece for day-to-night wear. This jacket features a drawstring at the waist, two front pockets, and a center back slit. The model is wearing a size S.

Collection of vintage inspired parkas with vibrantly hued furs

Mr. & Mrs. Italy is known for producing iconic high-end garments with Italian flair. The brand specializes in vintage-inspired outerwear made from luxurious furs. The collection is made in Italy and is sold in the world’s most coveted shops. The brand combines functional design with innovative, unexpected prints, detailing, and fabrics. The results are a fusion of traditional Italian style with contemporary urban cool.

The Italian brand has collaborated with Espinasse31 Contemporary Art Gallery to create capsule collections of parkas featuring the work of renowned international artists. The brand recently collaborated with Italian artist Advise Rainer Tanti, who live-painted ten MMI parkas using a unique technique inspired by frescoes. A combination of photography and tearing of frescoes creates a unique result, which makes each parka one-of-a-kind. For a truly one-of-a-kind perfume, visit the Penhaligon’s bespoke and semi-bespoke perfume services.


A capsule collection from luxury Italian outerwear brand Mr. & Mrs. Italy reveals eight new collaborations with celebrities. Developed in collaboration with celebrities, the collection reflects the brand’s roots in luxurious functionality and urban luxury. The collection fuses elaborate craftsmanship and innovative technology with unmatched natural materials and features metallic linings. Several celebrities have already collaborated with Mr. & Mrs. Italy on previous capsule collections. This one is especially interesting, as the capsule collection is gender-free and the designer collaborated with a renowned fashion magazine to present the collection.

The Italian fashion industry is booming thanks to a growing number of labels and brands. Italy’s dualistic core values have influenced the growth of apparel design. Ivana Omari’s aesthetics have given the brand a fresh direction, combining functionality with urban cool style. Her designs are full of unexpected prints and details, resulting in a seamless organic whole. This fusion of style and functionality gives Mr. & Mrs. Italy a place to be proud.

New merchandising strategy

The Italian brand Mr. & Mrs. Italy is transforming itself into a next generation fashion brand, with an eye on quality and value. In an age of fast fashion, Mr. & Mrs. Italy is bringing luxury apparel to an increasingly young audience. The brand combines stylish, comfortable apparel with an easygoing attitude to seasons and the environment. New layers of clothing will be available, allowing shoppers to layer up according to the climate. Here are some ways to save money on your favorite clothing by purchasing Twenty Montreal online


The new branding and merchandising strategy will see the Italian label launch eight capsule collections. These capsule collections will be exclusive and produced in collaboration with international personalities. Mr. & Mrs. Italy will present each capsule in a short film that introduces its designers and the trunk containing an archive item. This approach will allow the brand to gain insight into their customer base, while generating a higher-quality audience.

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