The best places to trek in South India

While it is commonly connected to the Himalayan ranges to the north and northwestern regions, trekking as a sporting activity can be enjoyed to the fullest throughout South India as well. With the stunning Eastern as well as the Western Ghats and the beautiful Western Ghats, trekking within South India involves cutting through forests that are thick and dense, with occasional waterfalls and lakes. The weather in South India is typically pleasant throughout the year, which makes trekking a year-round activity, but it’s most enjoyable during the winter months that run from October through February. The treks in the South are easy, moderate, and challenging terrain, which makes them suitable for hikers at all levels of experience.

  1. Chembra Trek: Situated in the middle of the Wayanad Hills, the Chembra trek is ideal for those who are new to the sport. The summit, which rises to more than 2200 meters, is one of Wayanad the highest. The easy hike begins in the lush tea plantations and then makes it through beautiful meadows that are green until it reaches the summit. In between the trek, there is a beautiful heart-shaped lake. The clean, calm waters stand out in the vivid green surroundings. The journey is an easy one, will take about 4 to 5 hours, and can be done all year round.
  2. Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary: Nestled within the dense forests of Thrissur, The Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary offers the incredible experience of hiking through a forest. The Sanctuary offers a variety of designated trekking routes, with their lengths, which are adapted to meet the requirements of trekkers. The trekkers are always with a local guide who aids in the navigation into the forest and provides invaluable insights into the culture of the forest here. The trek, which takes you through the hills covered in jungle, gives an opportunity to see the indigenous wildlife and plant life of Thrissur and is an absolute delight for those who love adventure.
  3. Kudremukh Trek: Blanketed with green hills, The Kudremukh Peak in Karnataka is one of the most sought-after spots for trekking located in the South. Kudremukh literally means “the horse’s face in Kannada and is named because of its distinctive form. The journey is quite a short one and should take between 2 and an hour to finish. But, after an ascent, the train here is toward the steeper end and requires careful planning. The Kudremukh trek is perfect for nature lovers, offering numerous bird and animal encounters. It is possible to read Thrillophilia reviews to read what other travellers review about the hike!Visit The Site: mediafire
  4. Perumal Trek: The Perumal trail that runs through the Western Ghats is popular among trekkers for its breathtaking scenery. The trek stretches all the up to the Perumal summit at an altitude of 2,440m. The trek winds through lush green valleys and dense forests. The hike is relatively easy and is suitable for an attempt by complete beginners too. It can take between 3 and four hours to reach the summit and about the same amount of time to get back to the valley. However, the trip is well-organized and accessible to public transportation options available to those who want to make their return journey more convenient.
  5. Yercaud is tucked away among The Western Ghats, and this hill station is renowned for its simple but picturesque hiking routes. Its Killiyur Falls is one of the most popular trekking spots here that takes you to the beautiful, majestic waterfalls that are situated in an evergreen forest. Another famous trekking route leads up to Elephant rocks, which are two massive rock formations believed to have been formed by meteor collisions that occurred several years ago. Take a look at our Thrillophilia Reviews for additional details on the trekking routes in Yercaud.
  6. Nagalapuram Hills: Often called the Queen of Waterfalls The trek to Nagalapuram Hills: Trekking at the Nagalapuram Hills can be quite an adventure. The route for trekking takes you up the stream, passing through four waterfalls as it passes through. This trek is also famous for its breathtaking panoramas of the Eastern Ghats that rise all across the hills. The trail winds through lush forests, where you may occasionally see one or two animals. The hike is a simple one and is attainable even for novices with a basic level of fitness.
  7. Paithalmala Trek is a scenic trek that overlooks and overlooks the valleys that border Coorg on one side and the valleys that of Kannur in reverse The Paithalmala Trek is an extraordinary adventure located in the South. The hike uphill isn’t difficult for experienced trekkers. From the bottom, the hiker is given the option of two options which are both a bit different. The one that starts at Kappimala could be quite difficult, while the one which follows Pottenplave is the more well-known and less difficult route to follow. The path itself is adorned with an array of stunning views. The moment you reach the end of your forest, huge areas of unbroken grassland cover the entire area. It can take between 8 and 9 hours to complete the entire trek through in good weather.Read More About: mywikinews

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