StarGirl: The Superheroine Without a Double Life

Unlike most superheroes, StarGirl is a superheroine who does not need to have a double life. Instead, she can freely blend her normal life and superhero life, almost seamlessly.

No Double Life Necessary

StarGirl is the star of the show created by Geoff Johns, which is also titled StarGirl. Her real name is Courtney Whitmore, and StarGirl is the name of her superheroine persona or alias. What is special about StarGirl is that all of the important people in her life already know her secret. She does not need to worry about sneaking around when she needs to accomplish her heroic goals because both her family and friends already know who she is, so there is no need to worry about being caught doing something she should not be doing. The reason Courtney’s friends and family know all about StarGirl is that she has close relationships that are full of love and trust with all of them.

A Seamless Integration

There is actually an almost seamless integration between Courtney’s regular life and her StarGirl superhero life. The fact that the people closest to her know all about StarGirl is the catalyst for this.

Since her stepfather used to be a superhero sidekick when he was younger, when he finds out that Courtney is a new superhero, he decides to help her as much as he can by basically coming out of sidekick retirement. He uses his past experiences to help StarGirl improve as a superheroine and to support her in any way she needs. Having the support of someone who loves her unconditionally, as her stepfather does, and whom she knows will always have her best interest at heart, must be a huge relief for Courtney. Later on, when her mother finds out the truth, she too tries to assist Courtney as best as she can, although obviously not the same involved extent that her stepfather does.

It does not end with her family either, because her friends also get seamlessly involved in both parts of her life. They eventually end up joining a group called the Justice Society of America, which is a group of superheroes who work together, with StarGirl serving as their leader. Her stepfather is a part of this group as well.

A New Kind of Hero

It is incredible how Courtney is able to almost seamlessly, and successfully, integrate her hero life into her regular life. Sure, there are dangers to her identity being widely known, such as when an evil villain ends up finding out her true identity. This gives them the opportunity to use that information against her, such as by threatening her loved ones.

However, in StarGirl’s case, there are many more benefits to this arrangement than there are detriments. After all, she gets to be completely open with all of the people who are important to her. Plus, many of those same people actually help her with her heroic endeavors and are superheroes in their own rights, and thus capable of protecting themselves from any danger.

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