Some Good Games With Elden Ring Vibes

For From Software, Elden Ring is a gamble. The previous Dark Souls series was crazily loved by many players. But whether the creators can have the same success of the series in an open-world setting this time around has some doubts. At present, in the face of the expectations of many people, Elden Ring has not only successfully surpassed it, but also has many fanatical followers of its own. And, one of From Software’s best games of all time has always had a place for Elden Ring.

For you, this will be a long adventure as you spend a lot of time exploring The Lands Between. However, for those of you who have already done releases, they might want something similar that they can only get by sinking their teeth into and Elden Ring Runes for sale. Next, I’ll introduce you to some fantastic games, and they all feature Elden Ring vibes. Some will provide you with entertainment value and great challenges, while others will have an open-world style.

Dark Souls Series

If you’ve played Elden Ring, but haven’t played Dark Souls series, then you might want to put this at the top of your list. While the Dark Souls series doesn’t have the open-world feel of From Software’s latest entry, it should come closest to Elden Ring experience in terms of its combat and gameplay. In other words, what Dark Souls saga offers you is a world full of imagination, foreboding and darkness, like some of the worlds in The Lands Between. If you love the gritty aesthetic of Elden Ring’s catacombs, dungeons, and castles, you’ll find them to feel right at home.

The Dark Souls series also pioneered the formula in Elden Ring. That means you’re already familiar with the ideas, which range from armor systems and weapons throughout each game to resting in specific areas in order to level up your character.

Ghost Of Tsushima

Elden Ring might make you think there’s one thing they’re really good at, and that’s their fight against the world. Much of their journey is spent hacking and slashing their way to farm Elden Ring items through formidable killer bosses as well as enemies. And all of this, ultimately, to find opportunities to influence and change the land around them. And Ghost Of Tsushima can give you a similar feeling. It was released by Sucker Punch Productions on July 17, 2020. In the game, you are in the shoes of Jin Sakai and he tries to stay away from the threats that exist in his world. The ultimate goal is to bring peace back to the Island he calls home.

What kind of person Jin Sakai can become depends entirely on how you shape him. In order to keep his people safe, he will constantly struggle with his inner morality, hovering between honor and shame. In short, Ghost Of Tsushima not only has top-tier story elements and combat, but also has a vast and engaging world.

Code Vein

Over the years, the Dark Souls series has inspired many great works, but there are still some that are not well known. One of those games, released by Bandai Namco Studios on May 31, 2019, is Code Vein, which brings a somewhat anime-like element to the popular formula. The game is set in a strange world similar to Elden Ring. Although Code Vein’s style is a bit “cyberpunk”, it still has those same hard gameplay elements that you often see in Elden Ring. In Code Vein, there are not only many bosses and weapons for you to choose from, but also many skills that you can master.

In addition to the above, the multiplayer element of Code Vein is also very important, which allows you to play through levels with your own real partners or AI-controlled NPCs.

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Monster Hunter: World

There are a lot of things that you’ll find super fun in Elden Ring, one of which is its punishing boss difficulty. As you play the game, you’ll find yourself battling hordes of enemies just to get to the big boss arenas. In that place, if you want to fight those bosses effectively, then you have to learn their skills and attacks and buy Elden Ring Runes seriously and carefully. If you prefer those real boss fights, and not the fluff in between, then you can check out Monster Hunter: World. It was released by Capcom on January 26, 2018. The content in this game is extensive due to the support of DLC content. Here, you’ll be in non-stop battles with massive monsters, giving you the chance to combat your enemies with a variety of armor and weapons. All in all, Monster Hunter: World will bring you an impressive adventure.

You need to learn how to effectively dodge various attacks from different monsters, so some weapons have very winding difficulty curves. As one of the best “boss gauntlet” style games, some battles in Monster Hunter: World can take a lot of time to get through.

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