Slotxo Vocabulary Things You Must Know If You Want to Play Online Slots Correctly

Slots or online Slotxo are now undeniable that this is the most popular online casino game. It can really be called the golden age of Chow. Because slot games are easy to play. There are many games to choose from, many games, many camps, beautiful pictures, fun to play. However, slot games are easy to play. But it’s not that you don’t have to learn or understand anything, at least you need to know some basic slots vocabulary. Today we bring the basic knowledge of slots vocabulary that you need to know and recommend to learn.

Basic slot terms you need to know

Reel  The reels on slot machines are columns of different symbols. Slots typically have 3 or 5 reels that can display anywhere from two to ten symbols. When the spin is successful, the reel in the slot machine spins and stops.

  • 3-Reel Slots This type of slot consists of a 3×3 reel set, i.e. three reels and three rows, as the name suggests. Inspired through the first slots, they often look like ancient games.
  • 5 Reel Slots These slots have three rows and five reels. It is the most widely used slot format at most casinos.

Wild It is a special symbol that helps in matching. Unique in a slot that can be changed to another symbol -Sticky Wild is a wild symbol that helps in the game, in addition to the symbol above. If you look at the payout table of the Wild symbol in each game. There will be different prize money. Depends on how the Wild symbol works.

  • Regular Wilds are Wild symbols that substitute for other symbols to increase winning lines. And it’s the highest paying symbol on the payout table.
  • Multiplying Wilds are Wild symbols that are multipliers awarded by 2x, 3x, 5x or any other multiplier. that each game is defined This gives players the opportunity to receive double the winnings.
  • Sticky Wilds are Wild symbols that increase your chances of winning the next round.
  • Expanding Wilds are Wild symbols that expand the area horizontally to cover the entire row instead of the reel. This gives a greater chance of winning and more chances of finding this feature during the bonus period than in the main game.
  • Colossal or Giant Wilds are Wild symbols that appear on the reels in more than one position. causing more winning patterns and have a chance to win more prizes as well
  • Stacked Wilds : These are all the most valuable Wild symbols in stacked form. This increases the chances of winning on the reels.
  • Walking or Moving Wilds are Wild symbols that are part of the bonus game. that will appear on the reels during repeated spins which can be left to right or top to bottom

Scatter special symbols to help you win in the game. By using it to activate bonus features or free games. Most of the players need at least 3 or more to run the feature.

Bet The amount of cash the player spends on each bet.

  • Bet Max is the maximum credit that can be wagered on each spin is known as the maximum bet.
  • Bet Min is the minute of the bet is the smallest amount.
  • Line Bet is a payout line.

Jackpot The highest prize we can get when winning online slots games.

Autoplay is a button that controls the play without the need to rotate every round.

Bonus games are special prizes in each slot game.

Gold coins are bets that are used instead of real money.

Gold Coin win is a form of reward given in the game.

Free spins are bonuses that are given out in a replay pattern.

Hot slots are betting slots for players.

The minimum bet is the initial bet amount in the game.

The maximum bet is the maximum bet in the game.

The progressive jackpot is a continuous jackpot.

The payline is the payout line.

Basic slots vocabulary that we have put together in this article, which actually has many words that need to be known. Friends can go to learn more by themselves, but really is just basic slots vocabulary. that we presented above It’s enough to play.

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