Rented Furniture Maintenance Tips

Getting rented furniture for your house is not only an amazing way to save money but also allows you to upgrade your furniture from time to time. When you get furniture on rent, you are under obligation to take good care of it because you will have to return it after some point in time. It is the best way to ensure that you get your full security deposit back after you have rented the furniture. While everything your rent has to be taken care of depending on the material it is made of, there are some general things to keep in mind for maintaining your rented furniture. Here are some tips on how to keep your rented furniture as good as new:

Keep cleaning your furniture from time to time

Your wood and laminate furniture needs to be cleaned at least once a week with a soft dry cloth. This is the bare minimum that will not only keep your furniture looking neat and tidy but is also a great habit to inculcate. In case of any accidental spills, get to work immediately before it sits for too long. It would be best to make sure that all the surfaces are taken care of at least twice a month. If you have a leather sofa for rent, you will need to vacuum it from time to time. Whenever you are not sure about how to remove a stain or take care of your furniture correctly, it is never too late to look it up and be sure of it before starting the treatment. You might even want to make it a part of your schedule so that you do not lag behind the cleaning process.

Check the furniture immediately after it is delivered

Before receiving the package, you must always inspect the furniture thoroughly to ensure that it is free from all kinds of damage. Any kind of damage needs to be reported immediately for replacement and so that you do not have to bear the brunt of it. Most rental agencies replace any damaged items almost immediately without you having to pay the cost of delivery. In case you damage a piece of furniture accidentally, it is always wise to contact the rental service before attempting to repair it. There are always protocols in case of such events that will help you get your rented furniture replaced.

Treat your furniture with care

Rental services are generally not too harsh on customers for regular wear and tear. But any evidence that leads to charges of misuse of negligence will encourage you and additional cost. You need to be careful with rented furniture and treat them with care and respect. For example, do not jump on rented furniture or drag them across the room. Use coasters for a wooden table and prevent spills as much as possible. Ensure to follow some proper guidelines before using rented furniture so that you do not incur any additional charges.

Treating your rented furniture with care and protecting them from the elements is an essential part of renting etiquette that you must inculcate. Treat it like your own, and you will start to care for them without any hindrances.

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