Quintrex 630 Frontier CC Centre Console Boats By Brisbane Yamaha

Fishers, whether competent or recreational, regard their vessels as a requirement rather than a source of entertainment. However, the boat is difficult to park and safeguard when it is not in use. During the winter, most operators end up leaving them anchored. If the ship is not fully ready for winter, the moisture and freezing temperatures will likely irreparably damage it.

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The way the vessels are preserved will be determined by their material. Aluminum has probably been the best remedy for open fishing boats and smaller vessels like hornets. It is a strong, lighter-weight substance with high corrosion resistance. Furthermore, preservation is less demanding than with steel or fibreglass craft.

Whatever type of boating you enjoy, there is an ideal solution here to suit your preferences. Quintrex 630 Frontier CC is factory equipped with everything that you need, but we understand that your concept of boating may differ from your neighbors’.

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Benefits of Having a Quintrex Boats

We’ve compiled a list of the top factors why you should use Quintrex models.

  • Quintrex boats are known for their value, and their resale value is the leader in the market. Even a 3m Tinnie retains its residual value, so you can be confident that selling a used Quintrex will be a worthwhile experience.
  • With over 90 existing models, there is a model and shape to satisfy every boatie. Quintrex has a boat for you whether you are a seasoned offshore boater or looking for your first boat. Brisbane Yamaha is constantly delivering new models to old models in order to stay ahead of the curve and offer boats that our clients desire.
  • The new Blade Hull is our most innovative hull style to date, and it is now found on the majority of Quintrex models. The new Blade Hull has replaced the old-style ‘clinker’ side pressings with smooth look’ side sheets. The crispest looking and riding hull in the industry is the result of sophisticated stretch integration.
  • Quintrex boats are designed and built in Australia for Australian conditions. You can be confident that they are constructed to last, and each boat comes with a satisfying factory warranty.
  • Quintrex has a large global dealer network, with over 60 in Australia alone. Help is never far away, with our dealers standing by to answer all of your boating questions and share their extensive knowledge of the Quintrex Range and the marine industry.

Even in the last few years, the market has changed dramatically, so we strongly advise you to do your investigations and select the best boat for your needs. Also, you can peek into Brisbane Yamaha and see our extensive selection of aluminium boats.

At Brisbane Yamaha, we strive to make the process of purchasing a new boat as simple as possible for our clients. Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through every step of the process, assisting you in selecting the best vessel for your needs.

To take a glance at the Quintrex 630 Frontier CC for yourself, contact the knowledgeable team at Brisbane Yamaha.

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