Organize Your Documentation Using These Tips

We are a generation that has the world in its hands on smartphones. All our information lies on our laptops and smartphones. Images, videos, audio, documents, notes, and many more are present on these devices.  

Documentation has become an integral part of our lives. We have tickets, contracts, reports, and so many more in the form of documents on our phones. In all, it is challenging to exclude documentation cannot be excluded from our lives. 

Technology has kept us hooked, but many still struggle to find the right tools to organize our documents.

  • Put similar documents in a folder.

Label a folder and put similar types of documents in it. You can categorize them based on your requirements and preferences. Categorization will make searching the record easier and faster for you. 

  • Name the files and folders in a syntax.

Have a fixed syntax while naming your files and folders. A proper syntax will let you figure out the name of the file or folder quicker. The syntax can have the topic and the date you closed the document. 

  • Discard the extra copies and useless docs.

Do not keep multiple copies of a document in your system. You can have different copies on your system, Google Drive, pen drive, or external hard drive. Having too many copies on the same system takes up unnecessary space and confuses us when looking for a particular document.

  • Save files in PDF file format.

PDF is the most extensively used file format across the world because of the fantastic range of features it has to offer. You can use tools like PDFSimpli to convert XLSX to PDF or any document format to PDF and save it to your system. This tool can edit, split, merge, or even convert Excel to PDF. Files saved in PDF format are easy to share and transfer across different platforms.

  • Do not download useless documents.

We tend to download a lot of documents from the internet. Make sure to delete them ASAP once you think it is useless. These documents just take up space in your system and create useless clutter.


The organization of documents might seem tedious, but it is easy if you follow the tips mentioned above. If you inculcate these tips while creating and saving any document, it will be smooth sailing for you to keep your documentation well-organized. 

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