Online casino games

Are you a gamer looking for a fun experience that combines thrills and gains? In the galaxy of igaming, it’s hard to find better than online casino 400 bonus! With worldwide popularity, casinos display millions of players spread across the four corners of the planet. These are land-based or virtual establishments that offer the public a rich and varied range of games, bonuses, and many other services aimed at meeting all gamer’s expectations. Are you tempted by immersion in the world of casinos? Read instead!

Casino games

Casino games are games of chance and strategy that aim to allow bettors not only to have fun but also to win money. These games embed features through which players have a brilliant experience. To play at the casino, you have to go to a land-based establishment or register at an online casino. Obviously, you have to bet before you can expect to win.

Types of casino games

The game options available in a casino can be grouped into several categories. We can mention slot machines, table games, and specialty games which include lottery, sports betting, bingo, scratch, etc. While slot machines are games that come with reels that you have to spin to win, table คาสิโนออนไลน์ games are fun, card-based options that are played at a table.

Popular casino games

Casino games are many and varied. In this section, we present to you those which are the most popular in france.


Considered the most thrilling table game, roulette is a 100% random fun option that is built around a ball usually made of teflon and a numbered wheel. Still called cylinder, the latter has 37 or 38 numbers knowing that each number is a colored box. The game consists of spinning the wheel and throwing the ball on it in the opposite direction of its movement. 

Players must predict the number on which the ball will end its race. To this end, they have the possibility of betting on one or several numbers, the height or the parity of a number, or even a square color. As appeared at the beginning of the 17th century, roulette exists nowadays, in several variants such as french or european roulette, american roulette, english roulette, german roulette, and mexican roulette.

French or european roulette  more advantageous for players, it is distinguished by its tokens with face value and its wheel with 37 numbers including the number 0. It is also played in the presence of several croupiers.

American roulette  this is primitive roulette. It uses a wheel of 38 numbers. Its particularity lies in the presence of a double zero box in addition to that of the single zero.

English roulette  from a presentation point of view, it is a replica of european roulette. Its specificities are in particular, the limitation of the number of players, an animation made by a single croupier, and the use of a variety of token colors.

German roulette  it is the result of a fusion between french roulette and english roulette. Here players are free to choose the chips to play. It is therefore possible that they end up with tokens of the same face value.

Slot machines

Always in the first position in the casinos, in terms of quantity of offers, slot machines represent a must in casinos, whether land-based or virtual. These electronic or mechanical devices are likely to reward bettors with significant winnings. The game consists of putting the reels into action (launching a spin or a spin) and hoping to obtain winning combinations or more precisely, to land identical symbols. 

Also, some symbols like wild symbols increase your winnings when they appear a certain number of times. But, before you play, you need to set your stake and insert coins into the machine if it is a mechanical slot machine. In addition, it is important to know the return rate offered by your casino.

Free games and real money games

In a casino, the games are free when it is possible to play without placing a bet. The advantage of these UFA games is to allow players to practice before moving on to betting. They, therefore, do not impede any gain for the player. On the other hand, real money games are those that require an investment. By betting before you play, you give yourself the opportunity to win if you are lucky and if you are talented in certain table games. Playing for real money is therefore clearly the best option.

Mobile games

Playing on your phone, tablet or other mobile devices is now a planetary habit: it’s gaming on the go. This is possible thanks to the applications of the casinos and the mobile casino version of their sites. It should be noted that this mode of play offers bettors two possibilities: play directly on the site or proceed to a download beforehand.

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