NBA 2K22: NBA 75 Super Packs Are Now Available

Check out cheap 2K22 MT coins for sale at MTstacks if you need them to unlock these packs! The NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Super Packs are the major component in the game, offering top-tier Galaxy Opal cards. We are going to take a closer look at these packs and their prices in this article. The Super Packs lasts for only 24 hours and the theme of today is about NBA 75 Packs, along with three different box topper packs. There are many options in these packs when it comes to the greatness of a card, what matters the most is how you spend your coins.

Please check out the prices for each of these MyTEAM Super Packs below:

Single Pack (11,250VC), Kevin Garnett 10-Pack Box (99,000VC), Carmelo Anthony 10-Pack Box (99,000VC), Hakeem Olajuwon 10-Pack Box (99,000VC), 20-Pack Box (198,000VC)

Please be aware that these packs are only available for 24 hours, so be sure to grad what you want as soon as possible. If you have a hard time deciding which cards worth your purchase, we highly recommend a set of 20 Galaxy Opal cards, including a 97 OVR Kevin Durant. Here are some amazing cards should you take into consideration:

Rick Barry (98 OVR), LeBron James (97 OVR), Stephen Curry (97 OVR), Dennis Rodman (97 OVR), Tim Duncan (96 OVR), Anthony Davis (97 OVR), Kobe Bryant (96 OVR), Walt Frazier (98 OVR)

Apart from these cards, you should also add Pink Diamond cards and Galaxy Opal cards to your lineup.

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