Managing your candidates better – with a little help from your recruitment software

Having a strong talent pool is one of the biggest arsenals that a recruiter can have. And to use that effectively, you will need a recruitment software solution.

A good recruitment CRM system will help you source potential candidates, identify the most suitable ones and help to keep them engaged during the hiring process.

Having a roster of strong candidates and placing them in the right roles boosts your brand reputation. And as recruitment is a busy and challenging job, tech support tools are of strategic importance whether it is for permanent recruiting or for placing temp workers.

Three ways in which recruitment agency software helps candidate management

Here are the top three reasons why recruiters and their agencies must find and utilise recruitment software.

  • Social media integration – This is a useful feature of the CRM software because it helps recruiters in talent sourcing. This candidate sourcing process becomes a much more convenient process using recruitment agency software. Recruiters no longer need to copy data manually. They can go directly to the candidate’s social media accounts from within the CRM platform and get the latest data. It saves a huge chunk of time and ensures that the information is current and updated.
  • Communication is streamlined – Just like most people, recruiters use a variety of tools when it comes to maintaining interactions. There’s phone calls, text messages and emails. But recruiters have to deal with hundreds of candidates and manage all these different modes of communication. It is very easy and common for crucial information to get lost somewhere. That’s why good tech support is critical. Recruitment software gives a platform to store all the communication. It also provides easy access, sends reminders, and provides templates that make responding easy and quick.
  • Saves time which can be invested back in relationships – It can seem counterintuitive but having a good tech partner can make nurturing relationships easier. This is mainly because of how much lighter the workload becomes. The use of CRM software saves time which can be channelled into networking or forging a stronger bond with candidates. Keeping updated on each candidate’ current situation helps ensure that you have the latest information which can be useful when seeking top talent for placement.

Candidate experience is vital in recruitment. CRM software also helps to keep candidates engaged. The hiring process is never simple and the length can vary. High-calibre candidates also have many options to choose from. So, it pays to ensure that the best candidates are still interested in the role.

Find the best-suited recruitment software CRM

Leverage technology to make the recruitment process more human. But for that, you must ensure that you have the best suited recruiting platform to help you do your job better.

The research that goes into finding and choosing recruitment software must be meticulous. It can be a costly mistake to buy a CRM only to find out that it does not have everything you need for your business to function at its peak.

Hence, take advantage of product demos being offered by software vendors. You can talk to experienced and knowledgeable consultants who will guide you through the different features and functionality of the system.

Ask for client testimonials and do some reading on external review sites that are likely to have more objective user reviews. These give an insight into what user experiences are like and what one can expect.

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