Make Your UGGs Last Long with These Proven Tactics

UGG boots are gaining massive popularity in today’s era. They are stylish, comfy, and can complement most of your outfits.

The growing popularity and re-emergence of this footwear are evident from the numbers. By 2030, the UGG boots market can reach a remarkable figure of USD 4.2 billion. So, there is no doubt that fashion enthusiasts consider buying these shoes from reputed sellers.

Be it womens UGG Boots or men’s shoes, you need to make the best utilisation of your purchase. So, how to extract the best value from your UGG investment? Find out the most valuable tips in this short and concise article.

1. The All-Weather Protection

Here are the most common elements that can damage your UGG boots:

  • Snow
  • Rain
  • Dust
  • Spills

While your UGGs are robust footwear types, they can still wear out quickly if you neglect primary care. So, invest in a reliable water and stain protector spray to prolong the life of your beloved shoes.

Such a repellent works on materials like suede, leather, sheepskin, or fabric. The spray creates a layer on your boot’s surface. So, water or any other material doesn’t penetrate directly.

You thus have enough time to wipe water, snow or any material due to this protector.

2. The Sole Life Extender

Both Men’s and women’s UGG Boots have highly comfortable soles. However, they aren’t indestructible. Eventually, prolonged usage will impact the sole material.

So, is there a way to prolong the life of your UGG soles? In a word, yes!

You can add a thin rubber sole that acts as an additional protective layer. Notably, these rubber soles aren’t expensive. Any local shoe repair store can offer a wide range of such protective layers that will help prolong your sole’s service life.

For best results, add this rubber sole during winter.

3. The All-Popular Leather Creams

You might already be familiar with discolouration in UGG or any type of leather footwear. Well, leather creams are the perfect products to fix this common issue.

Using a small brush, you can apply leather cream on your favourite UGGs. Available at highly affordable rates, these products can help extend the life of your boots.

Overall, a small care routine can help keep your UGG shoes shining and strong.

4. The Heel Assessment Tactic

You would want to wear that posh and comfortable UGG pair to the next outing. However, the heels of your boots might not be in the best state.

What happens in this case? You end up wearing something else that doesn’t suit your style. Also, you think about replacing the existing pair with a new UGG set.

On the contrary, regular monitoring of the heels can prevent such a scenario. Try replacing your heels as soon as they begin to deteriorate. This way, you will keep the boots in excellent condition and save additional costs.

Wrapping Up

Caring for your UGG shoes is actually fun. The tactics in this article can prove vital for your weekly or monthly care routine.

Invest in a weather-resistant spray, use rubber soles and leather creams, and replace heels without delay to prolong your UGG’s service life. After all, these boots have become your best partners during winters and for most outings.

Finally, ensure that you choose a reputed store to buy your next comfy UGGs.

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