Luka Modric: World Cup 2022 Is My Last Tournament with Croatia

Luka Modric, a great midfielder for Real Madrid, has said that the 2022 World Cup will be his final match wearing a Croatian national jersey.

Modric’s swan song

Luka Modric turned 37 early in September, but he was still Real Madrid’s foundational player. The Croatian midfielder even participated in games as a player who was 27 years old. Since the season’s start, he has appeared 13 times, starting 10 of those games and contributing 3 goals and 2 assists.

Even though Luka Modric appears to be 27 years old, the Croatian is really getting close to middle age. The center midfielder recently declared that the Qatar World Cup 2022 will be his last competition. He acknowledged in an interview that he is getting older and that the 2018 World Cup will be his final.

Just after the 2018 World Cup, when Modric led his little country to the championship game and won the Ballon d’Or for his performances, there was a marked decline in his output for Real Madrid the following year.

Fans will miss him

As he approaches the end of his career and competes for another year-long Real Madrid contract extension, the tiny magician will be trying to reduce the amount of pressure and stress on his body.

Football fans in general and of Croatia will look to treasure his final World Cup performances. Luka Modric’s talent still shines among the others despite his advanced age. He’s one of the main reasons why Croatia remains one of the top teams with the best football live odds.

Since regaining his form following the 2018–19 season, he has shown no discernible signs of slowing down. He was essential to Madrid’s La Liga and Champions League victory last season.

Also crucial to Croatia’s team is Modric. Not only did the 2018 Golden Ball play a significant role in delivering the World Cup runner-up to Qatar four years ago, but it also recently assisted the host team in reaching the Nations League finals.

His career achievements

Modric’s tenure with the Croatian team, though, is likewise brief. Modric stated last month that he had not yet thought about his international football retirement. However, the midfielder is expected to focus on the Nations League or contribute to the EURO 2024 qualification before saying farewell because the 2022 World Cup has been declared as the final big competition with the Croatian side.

With 154 games since his breakout performance in 2006 and 23 goals, Modric has amassed the most caps of any player in Croatian history. The ancient general, born in 1985, is most remembered for finishing second in the 2018 World Cup, which also helped him get the first Golden Ball of his career.

The June 2023 UEFA Nations League final will include four of the world’s best national teams, as Croatia, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands have all secured spots. In 2019, Modric has the option to lead his country in the UEFA Nations League for the final time.

Modric highlights: Ups and downs

Known as a brilliant orchestrator, Modric has completed more passes for his team than any other player on the field and has touched the ball the most times for Real Madrid.

With a recent agreement to extend his Real Madrid contract through 2023, the Croatian captain may very well call it quits with the Los Blancos. Without a doubt, Modric has etched his place in the hall of fame, as seen by the trophy case he carries, which contains 20 medals, including four FIFA Club World Cup championships.

The midfielder has played more games for the Croatians than any other player in the team’s history (more than 150), as of the World Cup. Modric, who has scored 22 goals, will be matched up against Morocco, Canada, and Belgium.

The Belgians will make it difficult for Modric’s team to get out of its group in their pursuit of a FIFA championship return. For more news and soi kèo bóng đá odds, Soikeobongdavn  is the place to be .

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