Lounge Suit Dress Code Guide for Men

A dark suit is a suit that has a tie. It can be double-breasted or single-breasted. It can be a 2-piece dress as well as a triple-piece dress. Contrary to the dress code of black tie, which is exceptionally formal and distinctive in its formality, the dress code for lounge suits offers a bit more freedom and flexibility to mix your look. For ladies, the term lounge suit refers to either a cocktail web series review dress or a kind of gown.

For Colour

To get the right color, opt for navy or charcoal. Darker grays may be a good choice. Beware of vibrant and loud colors. Simple patterns such as a pinpoint can be acceptable, perhaps an extremely subtle houndstooth that isn’t contrasting or a thin stripe, but I’d steer clear of large rope stripes or significant contrast white stripes on dark backgrounds. It’s far too loud to be a casual dress code.

Suite Style

Additionally, stay clear of highly casual attire and other materials like tweed or patterns that are bold with the appearance of a simple structure and feel. The suit should be paired with a tie, and it could be a standard tie, or if you’d like to, use a bow tie. Please beware of the men’s purple vest necks that are open because it’s too formal an event to wear without the proper attire for necks.

For Patterns

When it comes to patterns, stick to simple and conservative. This means you can use a blue tie, black tie, neck tie or one with darker hues. Avoid vibrant orange or yellow ties. A simple white solid or a simple blue are the best alternatives to dress your shirt in. Shirts with patterns should be avoided checkered shirts, checked shirts, or any other clothing that is striking, like blue and white stripes.

The Shirt Collar

Your shirt’s collar must be an elegant turndown collar. The spread of the collar can differ and is contingent on the shape of your face. If you have a face that is rounder, it is possible to opt for a tight spread and a more oversized collar. You could opt for an open collar with a round face, but you must stay clear of wearing a button-down style collar as it’s too casual. It is essential to appear elegant and professional without appearing too flashy.

For Shoes

For shoes, that means you need the classic pair of Oxfords, or maybe you can also find derbies with a color of black or a variant that is brown or perhaps dark burgundy. Beware of loafers or casual fabrics such as suede or brogues that are full because they need to be more formal.

For socks

Wear socks that cover your calf to cover your skin for the other accessories. If you’re looking to get an afghan square, choose one. Make sure to keep it neutral, or the traditional plain white linen square with hand-rolled edges is probably the most suitable choice. I suggest you select the more traditional fold, like the TV fold, not the crown fold or something flashier.

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