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A crypto currency trader who makes frequent buying, selling, or exchange transactions is always interested to know which cryptocurrency exchange they can utilize at the least minimum charges. A detailed comparison of the various top crypto exchanges being used points today to one with the overall lowest fees. Other popular crypto exchanges such as KuCoin and Bisq have other great features such as ease of use and very few regulations, but when it comes to the cost factor, Binance is the winner. Binance is the global crypto exchange for worldwide users, while Binance.US is the sub-exchange for US-based users.

Not only is the cost of transacting on Binance.US the lowest among well-known US crypto exchanges, but the reduced fee structure of this crypto exchange is also so cost-friendly that it makes a record of the user’s trade activity. As their number of transactions increases, they are charged even less for their subsequent transactions.

Plus Points                                                           

The selection of crypto currencies on Binance is very diverse, so it is a preferred choice among crypto traders. There are more than 500 crypto currencies available for international users of Binance and more than 50 for US users. In comparison, the US-based Coin base supports only 100 plus currencies. A larger number of coins provides a greater range of trade options for buyers, sellers, and exchangers alike, thus increasing the platform’s profitability.

Since nowadays users can access and operate their accounts in all major banks and financial institutions through their cellphones, tablets, and mobile devices, they require that crypto exchanges offer this same portability. Binance meets this user requirement since there is a mobile phone application for the Binance crypto exchange, which makes it easily accessible on the go.

Referral Program

Binance also offers a referral program where members can make referrals to others to join the platform. If the invited parties join the exchange, the original member gets a commission from the trade the referred party conducts on Binance for the whole next year. This affiliate program is highly successful and popular among exchange traders.

 User Interface

The  crypto exchange offers detailed guidelines for users to help them with their trading decisions. This is a very useful feature for beginners and those learning the crypto trade. Crypto trade trends and comparisons are available to assist users in making well-informed decisions before executing transactions to maximize profits and minimize losses. There are customized interfaces available for use by beginners, medium-level users, and advanced traders. While on the one hand, this can intimidate beginners who may prefer a more intuitive interface such as Coin base, on the other hand, expert traders may find features missing on Coinbase which are available for them on Binance.

Binance.US is not currently available in all the states of the USA, so one must check before deciding to register if it is yet rolled out in their form. There is also a requirement by the exchange that the user must trade a minimum amount of ten US dollars.

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