Latest Tech Gadgets That Make Driving Safer

The advent of the latest technologies is making the world a better and safer place for our next generation. One of the sectors which are being immensely benefitted from these innovations is the automotive industry. Distracted driving can heighten the chances of accidents and this is where technical advancements come in for enhancing the level of vehicle safety. Today we are going to take a look at some of these automotive innovations which can make driving a safe experience for both the driver and the passengers:

  • Magnetic Phone Holder

One of the biggest reasons behind car accidents is inattentive driving. Usage of smartphones can lead to significant distraction while driving as the cars veer off the road and hit guardrails or pedestrians. This problem of distracted driving can be solved with magnetic phone holders which are compatible with a wide variety of smartphones. They help with hands-free driving and have a big role to play in preventing injuries, accidents, and deaths in the worst scenarios. The magnetic phone holder is extremely beneficial while using the GPS feature of your phone. 

  • Portable Tire Inflators

Drivers commonly face flat tire issues and this might become a big cause of concern at road trips where you might not readily get access to a car repair shop. Keeping a portable tire inflator helps in managing tire emergencies easily. 

  • Ignition Interlock Devices (IIDs)

Intoxicated driving is another big cause of roadside mishaps. You can counter the same by installing an ignition interlock device in your car. This handheld device will prevent the vehicle from starting if the amount of alcohol on a driver’s breath is higher than the normal level. Ignition Interlock devices can be of great help in bringing down accidents that occur due to drunk driving. 

  • Rearview Mirror Camera

Reverse driving can make even the most experienced drivers commit mistakes. This is where a rearview mirror camera comes to enhance driver visibility and reduce the chances of mishaps. You can make driving safer by installing rearview mirror cameras in your vehicle. The last thing a driver would want is to hit a pedestrian or damage their device while backing up. You can enjoy a broad view of the area behind your car with a rearview mirror camera. You can get an LCD screen installed for viewing real-time videos captured by cameras mounted at the rear and dash of your vehicle. 

  • Car Battery Boosters

Our car battery requires a basic jump now and then. If you wish to restart your car, then the portable jump starters can be an absolute lifesaver especially while being struck in a remote location with no help in hand. You can select pocket-sized battery boosters for being carried along easily to your hiking and camping trips. 

Final Words

Despite taking precautions and leveraging on tech, accidents might happen. If you ever succumb to personal injury from motor vehicle accidents, then you can seek the advice of a Glastonbury car accident lawyer who can protect your rights and guide you with the best form of legal representation. 

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