large pores and chemical peeling of the skin

Many people misunderstand that Large pores caused by unclean washing of the face. from the use of facial foam โฟมล้างหน้า and resulted in the dirt remaining in the community hole As the day goes on, the community becomes wider. But broad pore is a common condition that is more common in people with oily skin. It is not considered a skin disease that requires treatment in any way. But many people want to have smooth skin. for confidence in socializing and make-up easier Because often there is a cosmetic. Whether powder or foundation is gathered in the pores. Makes the skin look uneven Even with full makeup

Many people try to find information through online media. as well as reading reviews on the internet which at present is sharing a lot of information about tightening pores and correct enlarged pores, such as video reviews about bringing vegetables, fruit, egg whites, as well as ice to apply, rub or mask on the face and advertisements for skin care products which is in the form of a serum, toner or cream by claiming that can tighten pores Often there are pictures to compare before and after using those products. to increase motivation in purchasing

But how reliable is this information? and how is the truth What is the standard treatment? Doctor Jackie will tell you.

The standard treatment for enlarged pores is divided into:

  1. Laser treatment
  2. Drug treatment

laser treatment

Using a laser is the last resort. Sensitive skin can also use the laser method. and for the treatment of enlarged pores now The laser will stimulate the creation of new collagen in the dermis layer. Makes the skin look smoother The lasers used to treat enlarged pores are roughly divided into 2 groups:

  1. Laser that causes wound after treatment Or medically known as “fractional laser” (Fractional Laser) after the laser will cause a small scar. Similar to a checkerboard in the treatment position. which later will scab and fell off within 1 week, giving clear results and fewer treatment sessions

Side effects that can occur after treatment are dark spots after inflammation which can be found in people with dark skin and those who do not have proper sun protection

It is also important to choose the type of laser. In terms of post-laser inflammatory hyperpigmentation, it was found that erbium-type lasers caused less post-laser hyperpigmentation. Carbon Dioxide Laser (Carbondioxide)

  1. Laser that does not cause scars after treatment while receiving treatment You may feel warm on your skin, but it doesn’t hurt and you don’t need to avoid the sun after the laser treatment. To prevent hyperpigmentation from inflammation different from laser treatment in the first group

There are many brands of lasers in this group, some of which are painted with carbon black powder. on the face before treatment to allow the charcoal to settle into the pores before firing lasers When activated charcoal Will cause heat to accumulate at the area of ​​the hair follicle. As a result, the collagen in the skin at that position is firmer. The hair follicles look smoother.

topical treatment

will not see results clearly In the first version, applying vitamin A drugs. such as tretinoin Continuously for several months, it has been reported that it can stimulate some collagen production. But it’s not very clear. Side effects from these drugs include burning, peeling, dry, itchy skin, which is common in people with dry skin.


  • Rub your face with ice, vegetables, fruit, egg whites or using a toner. to tighten pores


Toner, salt water, various serums, vegetables, fruits, ice, egg whites, apply and mask on the face. Can it really help solve the problem of enlarged pores?


To make the pores look smoother. Must make changes of collagen in the dermis, then use toner, saline, serums, vegetables, fruits, egg whites or ice to swirl on the face. would not solve this problem in any way Facial skin may look smoother temporarily. because of the irritating substances that are mixed in For example, alcohol causes the skin to swell, so be aware of possible side effects such as irritation, dryness, and peeling.

In the case of rubbing the skin with ice It will make the skin look puffy and tight. It seems that the pores are tightening more. but will only affect temporarily After just a few minutes The skin will collapse back to its original state. which is caused by the natural reaction of the body to physical factors, not to tighten pores

chemical peeling of the skin

Chemical peeling is the use of various acids such as fruit acids to apply or apply in the desired position to peel the skin. and regenerate the skin Make the skin in that area look smooth. and more radiant, many people call this treatment that facial treatment Which is often used to treat melasma, dark spots, uneven skin tone, shallow freckles, freckles, small spots, black spots after inflammation, acne and acne scars. as well as shallow wrinkles in addition to the main treatment After the treatment, the chemicals must be wiped off completely. The doctor will determine the appropriate time. In order not to cause reactions in the skin that is too deep here.


It depends on the depth of the chemical reaction that takes place on the skin layer. and other common factors whether the duration of treatment Types of chemicals used, such as AHA acid, glycolic acid 30-70%, CA (Trichloroacetic: TCA) 10-50% if it is a deep skin peeling. Often there is a burning sensation and scabs follow. and fell out within 1 week after treatment

chemical peeling It can only treat the reactions seen on the skin. such as red and white patches that occur If it is used to treat shallow freckles, freckles, freckles, as well as moles or flecks. The efficacy of the treatment is not comparable with laser treatment. because in addition to not tickling out It may also increase the chances of a bruise returning. and the likelihood of scarring after treatment as well

Possible side effects

Burning, red, scaly skin may occur normally In the case of deep skin peeling But it will not occur after peeling the superficial layer of skin. For a short time, for example, 30% AHA acid applied to the skin for 3 minutes.

pitted and convex scars If the chemical reaction is not properly controlled Resulting in peeling of the skin layer that is too deep.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, especially those with dark skin and not properly protected from the sun after treatment.


A friend picked up moles with acid at the flea market. Now I have scars. Very stressful. Is there any medical treatment with acid like this?


Treating moles or fleas with chemical daubs It is not a standard treatment as it is difficult to control the depth of the chemical reactions that occur in the layers of the skin. This will not only result in incomplete removal of moles or flies. can also result in pitted scars or convex scars It can be considered a standard treatment. If used correctly and in the right way by a medical professional

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