Key Opinion Leaders Can See and Create the Future through Opinions and Voice

Key Opinion Leaders are influential individuals that hold a level of influence over the consumers and the market. They have expertise or credibility in a particular topic area, or possess an authentic view about a topic. KOLs provide consumers with insights about a particular topic to drive purchase decisions. A KOL’s opinion represents an authentic, singular view of the market. They can be business leaders, industry experts, celebrities, journalists, or any other relevant person with knowledge relevant to a topic of interest. Key Opinion Leader is a market leader, influencer, expert in their field, who is recognized for expertise, or experience in their field, and who possesses deep understanding of the customer’s pain points and wants.

KOLs are the ones influencing potential buyers before and after they shop. By finding and connecting with the right KOLs, businesses can influence, engage and influence customers, and gain an edge on competitors. They influence the brand through conversation that gives insights into their buying habits, cultural tastes, lifestyle and purchasing power. Using NetBase Quid, marketers can analyze the efficacy of KOL engagement and develop ways to engage their target audiences and convert insights into market-changing innovations.

Driving Interest and Sales

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) is a market researcher who is typically paid to drive interest and sales by sharing a timely opinion on the future of an industry, product, service, or company. They comprise of a highly-targeted group of people with a set of unique skills who are influential in their social circles and at industry conferences. Imagine you’re meeting with an important business contact at a conference and you see that they are standing next to someone in their social circles that you know – what would you do? Or you have an idea for a new product and you see an unknown company attending a conference – what would you do?

Key Opinion Leader can be a person or organization (who happens to be a paid marketing agent) who owns, directly or indirectly, a blog or social media platform and contributes to a community or a share of an established social network, usually at a rather significant level. They involve a collection of a KOL’s comments, insights and opinions which are published on a specific website and social network and used to shape market expectations.

How does it work?

KOLs are content experts and part of online communities. They are valuable resources for companies and can significantly enhance a brand or product. They can be either consumers who are knowledgeable on a specific topic, or thought leaders within a specific industry or company. Sometimes, they are either consumer consumers that are interested in the same topic or thought leaders within an industry. A Key Opinion Leader is an extremely powerful tool and they can be leveraged to create buzz around your brand, and drive strong awareness, as well as valuable conversions.

The “thought leaders” have demonstrated their ability to communicate an opinion, which they believe to be in the mainstream of their expertise. They create, promote, and conduct analysis in the areas of law, healthcare, finance, and business. The methods they use, however, can vary substantially. They can target consumer decision-makers within the real estate industry who want a tool that can help them improve their position in the competitive landscape and understand and identify their competition.

You Need NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid will allow you to connect to relevant audiences and see what they are talking about. KOLs can be seen, classified and grouped by topic. The platform was created by a former executive director of the YouTube marketing team to solve an important problem. KOLs have limited access to relevant content and audiences. Hence, NetBase Quid connects these individuals and insights to all relevant channels that they consume content on and communicates with consumers and audiences about the brand and the content.

NetBase Quid empowers brands and marketers to develop and execute a KOL strategy that engages and activates key opinion leaders. By engaging and activating KOLs, brands can discover, evaluate, understand, and activate KOLs and turn their influence into consumer interactions and ultimately, sales. NetBase Quid is the first global real-time, networked ecosystem for influencer identification, discovery and media tracking.

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