Interesting facts about sclerotherapy that you should be aware of

Have your varicose veins kept you hiding in a pair of jeans and staying off the beach? There are several cosmetic problems like spider veins or varicose veins that make women ashamed of exposing their bodies. Spider veins are those purple spindles and ropes that keep women from feeling confident in swimming suits or shorts. 

If you’re one among such women and you were thinking of consulting a vein clinic Idaho, you should first know what sclerotherapy is and what are the pros and cons of this process. Keep reading to know more on this. 

  • There is minimum hardship in sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a process that involved very little pain or discomfort in patients. This is a type of treatment that involves administering an injection into the spider veins that contain a specific chemical. Once this chemical enters the veins, it causes the veins to collapse and disappear. While some may feel a sting or pinch as the injection is given, there are some others who may feel a slight burning sensation. 

  • Sclerotherapy doesn’t interfere in any way with your lifestyle

Besides having a very short span of time for treatment, sclerotherapy also has a short period of recovery and restrained downtime so that you can move on with your life even after treatment. This is why experts recommend you to move and walk immediately after the treatment and this boosts your blood flow and reduces blood clots. Minimize exposure to the area towards the sun as this is not recommended until two weeks. 

  • Sclerotherapy is a quick and easy process

The span of your spider vein treatment will depend entirely on the number of veins you have and the overall size of the treatment. Usually, sclerotherapy takes less than one hour to complete. In fact, there are some patients who are inside the doctor’s chamber for 15 minutes for the process. 

  • There are times you need more than one treatment

Although the initial treatment is quick, it is worth noting that there are some patients who require more than one treatment session in order to get the best outcome. Usually, people need around 3-5 treatments before they get the desired results. 

  • Insurance doesn’t cover sclerotherapy

As this method named sclerotherapy is a cosmetic process, insurance companies usually don’t cover the cost of it. This implies that you have to make the entire payment out of pocket once you opt for sclerotherapy. Nevertheless, you can check with your insurance company agent to ensure whether they offer coverage to get a clear idea about the payment amount. 

  • It is mandatory to wear compression stockings

Your doctor is certainly going to recommend compression stockings post the spider vein treatment. Compression stockings are a must during this treatment as they exert pressure on the veins of your body to keep the blood out of the damaged veins that were treated. 

Therefore, if you’re thinking of getting your sclerotherapy done by a vein specialist, you should keep in mind all the above-listed factors. 

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