Incontinence or slight bladder weakness

A weak nervous system, genetic weakness in the area, stroke and paralysis, or old age are most likely to cause one to suffer from incontinence. Yet a surprising number of apparently healthy middle-aged people are also prone to such problems. Physical obstructions — like a swollen prostate gland in men — can be one common cause.

Giving birth causes weakening of the pelvic fl oor muscles, and prenatal and postnatal exercises will help. Hormone disturbances, especially around menopause, can be a factor diseases 234 diseases 235 (special exercises can help enormously; see the section on pregnancy in chapter 8). A tumor causing pressure or even being overweight are other possibilities. Chronic constipation is yet another common cause.

With help from a practitioner, one should fi nd the cause and treat it, at the same time strengthening the sphincter muscle of the bladder and other muscles in the area. – If fear, worry and anxiety are the cause, calcium- and magnesium-rich foods will help:

seaweeds, almonds, barley water, sesame, and herbal teas or formulas including equal parts of valerian root and chamomile fl ower. f Use equal parts of parsley leaf, Rehmannia root, black cohosh root, marshmallow root, gravel root, bearberry leaf, lobelia leaf, and ginger root. f Use chamomile and lavender essential oils via massage or in the bath. ~ Carry out a one-day kidney cleanse.

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