Importance of Solar Heaters Installation in Kenya

Solar heaters have become a popular trend in Kenya. You are going to learn some of the reasons like reliability, environment friendly, and longevity that have made them so popular. You will also learn reasons why you should consider switching to solar heaters as compared to using electrical power in heating water.

Electricity in Kenya has become more and more expensive. The power bill continues to rise month after month. The electricity has become even more unreliable. Blackouts have become a norm in Kenya. A city can go without power for a week. Due to these reasons many households and commercial enterprises in Kenya are switching to solar heater.

Solar heater is reliable and reduces the cost of electricity. It’s a better fit especially forbusinesses and households that use a lot of hot water on a daily basis. In this article you are going to discover reasons why you should be thinking about installing one in your home, especially if hot water is a necessity for your household or business.

Advantages of Solar Heater

Clean energy

The energy from solar heater is 100% clean energy. You are getting energy from the sun. There cannot be any cleaner energy than that generated from sun. using solar energy cuts the carbon generated by a household by half. This means you are taking care of the environment by using environment friendly energy.

Saves on money

The energy we get from the sun is free of charge. Apart from the initial cost of installation in the long run solar heatersaves you money. The solar heater prices in Kenya have gone down. So even the initial installation cost will not be so high. You will not have annoying power bill to deal with. You will be free to use all the hot water you want without thing about the bill.


Electricity has become unreliable. It’s frustrating because it’s not within our control. Even when there are black outs we can only wait for the power company to restore it. For commercial entities that need hot water for their work they need to think for a backup. Solar heater is an excellent back up. Its Reliable because its within your control. When there is a problem you fix it and you are good to go.


solar heaters are a good fit especially in remote areas where there is no electricity. You cannot be limited by lack of electric. Solar energy is within your power. This has made investment possible in remote area where power supply has not reached.

Low maintenance cost

Maintaining the solar heater is not a hustle. Most people will shy away from installing solar energy because they think that maintenance cost is high. But the maintenance cost is not high. It’s not something that would be stressful. They need to be serviced once in a while.


once installed solar heaters can last for 20 years. It’s not something you keep on installing. You install once then you enjoy its benefits for years. And even if you were to move from your current location they give the flexibility to uninstall and install the same to a new location.

Solar heaters have their disadvantages like high initial cost of installation but their advantages far outweigh their disadvantages. You don’t have to incur huge power bill because of heating water. You can install solar heaters and alleviate yourself of that unnecessary extra cost. Now that you know their advantages don’t hesitate to install one for your home or business.

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