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How to Fill In Your Eyebrows

Eyebrow filling gives your overall facial makeup a completed look. Mismatched brows or overly sparse brows pull the attention away from your best features and impair your overall appearance quite significantly. Eyebrow filling is also important because it helps to showcase your eye makeup. Whether you use pencils or powders, keep in mind that they stick to skin far more than they do to hair. For making sparse eyebrows look fuller, fill in the areas where the hair should grow for a perfect eyebrow.

Before you put pencil or powder to your brow, comb it out well and examine exactly where you need to work. Always apply the strokes in the direction of hair growth for a natural look. Use brow powder to fill in your plucked eyebrows for a natural look. You get the greatest control over color placement when you use a stiff brush for the powder.

If you have thin eyebrows or you have inadvertently over plucked, use a brow pencil for the filling. Finish the filling properly so that you avoid the penciled look. Never ‘draw’ the entire brow. This makes your eyebrows the most obvious features of your face but gives them an extremely artificial appearance.

To keep your eyebrows in place, use a gel if necessary. Tinted ones are ideal if you would like to add a color to your eyebrow. Blondes should go one or two shades darker than their hair color while brunettes can opt for the same color or a couple of shades lighter.

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