How to Beat the Yips in Golf | Top 9 Tips to Deal with Yips in Golf

Yips are involuntary spasms in golf that occur during a player tries to putt. Now, if you are a golfer, you surely have faced this problem. However, if you are wondering how to beat yips, then you must read and follow my tips. And, if you like sports too much, then you can earn rewards from 토토사이트 site.

How to Deal With Yips in Golf?

You can follow these tips to deal with yips while putting in golf:

1. Get a New Putter

If you have a bad game, what you need is a new putter. That is because sometimes it’s just a new start that you need to do better in golf. So, you can buy a new putter to beat the yips.

2. Short-Putting Drills

There is no easy to deal with yips. So, what you need to do is to do lots of practice drilling your short putts. Now, you can get a short-putting drill that will help you to deal with the yips easily.

3. Trust Your Golf Ball’s Line

In the golf game, everyone doesn’t trust the line of the ball. But, those who have faith in their golf ball’s line and play the game, it makes them relax and focus on the game, and eventually, they can overcome the yips.

4. New Technique

You can also change your technique to deal with yips and improve your games. Now, it can sound a little weird. But, trust me, many golfers have tried and overcome the yips. They simply changed some things that they feel comfortable with, and you can do the same. That is because sometimes yips are caused by mechanical problems, so changing your technique might help you a lot.

5. Less Technical

Thinking too much about your technique can also cause yips on your game, according to many expert golfers. So, what you need to do is to don’t think or focus too much on your technical thoughts. Instead, focus on your game.

6. Change Grip

Your grip can also cause yips. So, you must change your grip, and that would be the essential thing for you then. You can get a new grip, and there are many grips available, including an anti-yip grip a swell. You can get one to deal with the yips.

7. Play Left-Handed

Many famous golfers like Michael Bamberger have stated that playing golf by changing the hand will help you deal with yips. Now, if you are a lefty, then you should try putting the game right-handed. It will work for you.

8. Don’t Worry about Missing Putts.

It is a fact that yips can also cause by your fear of missing putts. So, what you need to do is to don’t worry too much and don’t let fear overcome you. Stay focus, relax, and concentrate on the game.

9. Different Method

To deal with yips, you must try to implement a different method of playing. That is because the yips can be caused by your method of putting as well.


I hope these tips will help you a lot to deal with yips in the golf game. And, you will be able to play without facing yips.

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