How Long Do I Have to Stay in A Drug Recovery Program Before I Am Sober?

There’s no one-fit-all magic bullet when it comes to the length of time you should stay in a drug recovery program. Recovery from drug addiction is a personal process with wins and challenges along the way. Usually, a combination of factors will determine how long you can stay in a drug recovery program.

Are you or your loved one planning to enroll in a drug recovery program? Here’s what will determine the length of your stay at the facility:

1)Treatment Program Chosen

There are several available programs for drug recovery from The Forge Recovery Center. Each program is uniquely designed to suit the needs of different clients. While some programs such as intensive outpatient are more flexible and do not require you to stay at the recovery facility, others may follow a strict procedure such as beginning with detoxification. At the same time, you’re admitted at the facility then doing other follow-up procedures such as inpatient treatment and finally sober living.

2) Stage of Addiction You’re In

The length of stay at a drug recovery program will be significantly influenced by the milestones you make in your recovery efforts. Before admission, several competent professions will do an initial assessment to ascertain whether you have any medical conditions to develop working goals that will help drive your treatment plan.

In the course of your treatment, any progress that you make is noted and measured against the initial goal. Eventually, the length of time you take to achieve the set goals will determine when you leave the program. It’s very difficult to say exactly how long you must get treatment in order to successfully reach sobriety. Let alone actually stay sober. One thing we can say right now is you need to look for the best possible rehab center that fits your needs. Consider getting Phoenix drug detox treatment. The specialized personnel in Phoenix are sure to help you get your life back on track.

3) The Treatment Center Chosen

Different drug recovery centers offer different programs with various completion times. There are no set timelines for all programs; therefore, you need to choose a program that best suits you. Research suggests that more extended programs are more effective than short programs because the longer length tends to be more comprehensive and engaging, giving more desired outcomes in the long run.

4) Severity of Addiction

The effects of addiction in the body differ. They can be measured as mild, moderate, or severe, depending on the length of time you have used the drugs and the possible damage it has may have inflicted on the body. Usually, your medical team will conduct an assessment to determine this and the possible treatment program for you. For those with extensive drug use, their course of treatment may be longer as there could be significant drug effects on the body.

5) Your Willingness to Overcome

The length of time you will stay at a drug recovery center will depend on your willingness to beat addiction. There’s power within you to summon your internal strengths for the greater good. Therefore, before you can enroll in a drug recovery program, you need to have the strength to persuade yourself that you can do it. This motivates and pushes you to do better within the shortest time possible.

The Time for Drug Recovery Varies

The duration of time you will stay in a drug recovery program is dependent on many factors. Some are aspects you are in control of, such as your willingness to overcome your addiction, while others are dependent on the treatment center chosen, their programs, and the stage of addiction you’re in.

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