Greenlight government supports hemp as an economic crop

The Government House, Ms. Traisuli Traisornkul, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office announcement of the results of the cabinet meeting (Cabinet) that the cabinet meeting has approved the draft ministerial regulations for permission and permission to produce, import, export, sell, or have in possession of category five narcotics, specifically hemp.

The government is pushing hemp into a new economic crop. Because it has properties as a blood tonic, It helps make you feel relaxed and refreshed and treats headaches and migraines. Including the bark and stem are also fibers.

While the meat can be made into paper and the stem can be used to make biomass energy such as alcohol core, furniture, which the Ministry of Public Health has issued a ministerial regulation. To amend the existing ministerial regulations, which are strict and not suitable for the current situation. The new law is in line with the national strategy to generate income and increase the country’s competitiveness and is in line with the Cabinet’s urgent policy in helping farmers and developing agricultural innovations.

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In addition, Ms. Traisulee continued that there will be research and development of CBD kaufen at the same time. For use in the medical industry And other industries such as making herbal medicines, cosmetics, food because it has the same extracts as cannabis.

The essence of the aforementioned ministerial regulations will allow agencies in all-natural and juristic sectors to apply for permission to plant hemp for five years from the effective date of the ministerial regulation, as well as allowing households to grow hemp at no more than one rai per household because the former used to be planted for weaving into textiles. Still, they must be licensed and planted in state-supplied cultivars, according to the development of Thai cannabis breeds.

Minister of Justice confirms marijuana is still a drug but can be used medically.

Justice Minister insists marijuana is still a drug allowed for medical use, pointing out that the request for planting must be by the law.

Mr. Somsak Thepsutin, Minister of Justice Addressing the case of marijuana, Thailand is subject to the 1961 Single Narcotics Convention, amended by the Protocol of 1972 and the Psychotropic Substances Convention, 1971. These two editions allow the use of medical or scientific marijuana.

But the government must consider the safety of health. and prevention of leaks to the black market Governments must have precise requirements to allow the production, cultivation, or use of medical CBD kaufen that a licensing system must operate to ensure that the state’s cannabis market. It will not exceed medical and scientific needs, with the International Narcotics Control Board being the regulatory body. Implementation of the Convention Member States provisions shall report on drug prevention and suppression operations and illegal psychotropic substances.

Mr. Somsak also said that the critical issue that people should know before applying for permission to grow marijuana is that to grow “marijuana,” they must be the right person. Cannabis cultivation permits Must be a person who has the qualifications required by law. For patients who wish to use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

There are now health centers that provide adequate quality, standardized and safe medicinal cannabis for medical use. There is a widespread and systematic distribution of medicines, including a doctor. And 400 trained pharmacists and 2,900 trained traditional Thai doctors, who will be able to access medical services in a standardized hospital under the supervision of a physician for the most effective treatment.

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