From the latest report, real estate agents are an excellent option to buy and sell your property

Anyone who invests in land for sale in nusa penida, whether for rent or sale, must know or be familiar with real estate brokers, who we sometimes refer to as agents. Each service is not the same. A good agent can help coordinate and simplify agreements between owners and consumers. Let’s take a look at their duties.

Duties of Real Estate Brokers

A real estate broker is a person who acts as an intermediary between the owner and the person who wants to rent or buy a property, whether it is a house, condominium, warehouse, or commercial building, with the primary duties as follows:

  • Take a deposit of a room or house that the owner wants to rent or sell to the market to find customers interested in renting or buying.
  • Assess the needs between the owner and the leasing person. If the requirements are met, a contract will be signed.
  • The real estate broker will be an assistant to walk documents. Counselors and witnesses sign the contract. If the contract is signed, all commissions are paid by the owner.
  • If it is a rental, there was a problem during the rental contract. Can the broker help mediate or negotiate to reduce conflict?
  • if it is a rental? Realtors will help you check and get your rented room or house back when the contract period expires. If you want to renew the contract, The owner must pay the commission one more time.

A new law on renting and collecting residential buildings, which releases condominiums for daily rental, also contains the main content. What investors should know

  • Forbid the collection of rent. The tenant can cancel the contract more than one month in advance with a security deposit, which must be given at least 30 days in advance.
  • Electricity and water tariffs Telephone and other expenses the lessor must send invoices and details. to the tenant at least seven days in advance of the payment due
  • When the lease contract is terminated or terminated according to the correct schedule, The landlord must immediately refund the security deposit to the tenant. Except there will be an additional charge after checking the damage inside the dwelling.
  • The tenant can cancel the lease at any time. but must notify at least 30 days in advance, provided that the tenant must not pay the rent or fail to pay the rent

Laws to control foreign renting

This is not prohibited by Evergreen, CO real estate law. About the rental but before renting out, the lessor must comply with the following legal regulations:

  • The lessor or the owner of the condo Foreigners staying in their apartments must inform the immigration office. And foreign tenants must also be permitted to stay in the Kingdom temporarily at the time of their relocation.
  • The lessor must inform the information and submit documents about foreigners renting the condominium to the juristic officer to keep as evidence. Include a copy of your identification card or passport. A copy of the residence certificate of the tenant living in the apartment A copy of the receipt of notification accepting foreigners to stay in addition, foreign tenants cannot stay more than three people per 1 suite.

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  • Therefore, they are determined to provide a comprehensive solution to various problems and limitations.
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