Fight Sports, Fighting Doesn’t Always Mean The Violence

Sports is an athletic activity that requires a certain set of skills, both physical and mental. Sports exist for competitiveness, entertainment, recreation, spirit, motivation, fitness and financial purposes. Sports are fun activities for many and professions for others. And nowadays both girls and boys dream of becoming a famous athlete. And like sports there is another thing that people are quite interested in nowadays. That is casino 토토사이트, like sports it involves entertainment. And due to the pandemic, more people spend their time watching sports.

There are almost 8000 sports in the world. And each sport is different from one another. Different sports attract different audiences. There are many combat sports and some of them are really popular. Let’s get to know about some of the popular combat sports.

  • Karate

Karate is a popular combat sport that involves martial arts. But modern karate is all about striking art. Such as knee strikes, elbow strikes, punching, kicking. In karate fighters also use open-hand techniques. For example palm-heel strikes, knife-hands and spear-hands. Karate was first invented in Japan. And it is a very ancient sport. A karate player is known as a karateka which is a Japanese word. People are interested in karate because it helps people to learn about self defense. And being able to defend yourself is a mandatory thing nowadays.

  • Boxing

Boxing is a common combat sport. Even though it is common it holds a great amount of fame. Like any other combat sports, in boxing there will be two fighters. And in order to win, one boxer has to knock another opponent down, by punching in the boxing ring. Normally in a boxing match there are 3 rounds. However the number of rounds along with the length of each round might vary due to circumstances. And all the rounds will be monitored by the referee. In the past there used to be only male boxers. But nowadays there are many famous boxers in the world.

  • Kickboxing

Kickboxing is very similar to boxing. It is a very new combat sport. Even though it was first invented in the 1950s in Japan. However it got recognition in 1970, when the sport reached the United States. Currently kickboxing is considered to be a hybrid or mixed combat sport. Because the sport involves elements from many different sports and martial arts.

  • Kung Fu

Kung fu is another popular combat sport that combines a wide variety of martial arts. Classifying all the styles of kung fu is a little bit complicated. The styles of kung fu can be classified based on religious influences such as Islamic styles, Buddhist and Taoist. Even one can classify the style of kung Fu based on geography. There are many movies based on kung fu.

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  • Taekwondo

The origin of Taekwondo is South Korea. Shortly after world war II Taekwondo was invented. At first the name of the combat sport was Tae Soo Do, which means “to stomp”. However it is a general martial art in Southern Korea. Taekwondo is also famous in China and Japan.

Most combat sports involve martial arts. And that is why many students enroll themselves into martial arts. Combat sports are really fun and thrilling to watch.

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