Features and Types of Maize Sheller Machines

Maize shelling machines are very beneficial because they save time and labor. The machine is equipped with brackets and wheels for easy movement through a conveyor belt. There’s an elevator that transports maize kernels into containers. The machine can be operated easily, it’s stable, and requires easy maintenance.


A maize Sheller is a machine with rollers, stander frame, feeding, and discharging holes. When maize is put in the machine, rollers rotate so that there can be friction and extrusion to remove kernels from maize cobs. The rollers are made of rubber so that kernels don’t break. This design is common for all types of maize shelling machines as follows.

Maize Peeler Thresher Machine

This maize Sheller has combined functions to peel the maize skin and thresh kernels from the maize cob. The kernels won’t be damaged because the roller is made of rubber. The machine can be powered by a gasoline engine, motor, or diesel engine. The machine has a 97% threshing rate meaning it can produce quality high yields. It’s labor-saving and easy.

Large Output Maize Sheller

This is a large maize Sheller machine with a 99% cleaning rate. There are different machines with different capacities like 4-ton, 5-ton, and 6-ton capacity. The machine saves labor and time because it can transport large amounts of threshed maize through a conveyor belt hence requiring minimal manpower. The machine can thresh many typesof cereal.

It can thresh sorghum, corn, wheat, soybean, millet, beans, rice, and maize. There are different types of machines that can be powered by diesel engines, electric motors, and gasoline engines. The machine with an electric motor has a power of 3kilowatts while that with the diesel engine operated on 8 horsepower.

Maize Sheller

The maize sheller price in Kenya is affordable compared to the great job it does. The machine has been equipped with a well-designed engine. The maize Sheller blows out clean kernels from the side of the equipment and the maize cobs come out from another outlet. The machine is designed to separate cobs and kernels at an incredible speed.

It is a great machine because of its efficiency and the losses while using this machine are minimal. The largest maize Sheller in Kenya is the 5TY-80D. It has a reasonable structure, can be operated easily, and has steady performance. People with large farms often buy this machine because it can thresh large amounts of maize with less amount of time.


A maize Sheller is a very helpful machine especially for people who deal with large amounts of grains. It also promotes efficiency in business activities hence promoting growth. The machine is great because it’s easy to maintain and can last a long time.

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